Chapter EighteenMature

"Damn!" I shouted, quickly glancing back at Gwen, now lying in Judd's arms, seemingly lifeless. I slammed my foot down on the pedal again, willing the jeep to go faster. I just hoped Amber made it to the transports... without her, what did I have to fight for? I kept driving, becoming completely silent and just focusing on what lay ahead. I was getting Judd and Churchmen out of here, regardless of the consequences. A bomb crashed down behind us and lifted the rear end of our vehicle off the ground momentarily. It hardly even shook my resolve.

At some point or another, all the bombs hitting the ground and the destruction and death all around me stopped, and there was just silence, with the muffled sounds of explosions in the distance. I kept driving. Judd lay a hand on my shoulder, and pulled me out of the driver's seat. He took over, and left me with Gwen in the back.

There was no hiding my anger. I would do what needed to be done to kill each and every single Korean that crossed my path. Eventually, we were picked up by a plane that was about to take off in some suburban town, and we got as relaxed as we would in a long time during the ride to the base it was headed for. I made several attempts to contact Amber throughout the course of the trip, and even after we landed, I was leaving her voicemails.

Soon, Gwen began stirring, but she still didn't wake up.

The End

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