Chapter TwelveMature

Nick Sullivan

I walked through the streets of this strange new underground city, looking around at all of the people going on with their daily lives while a war raged on the outside. I had been brought here from the streets of old New York by a guide who was to bring any newcomers to a security checkpoint in a basement of a restaurant before leading them here through a tunnel. Now, as I looked around, I spotted the perfect ring - a beautiful diamond set in a gold band. Simple, yet elegant.

I bought the ring and continued to the address of Amber's new home, which she had sent to me in a letter. When i arrived, i told her we should go out to dinner. To celebrate my return, I said. She agreed.

"I know the perfect place," she said. "It's the best restaurant in the whole city."

We were greeted by a waitress shortly after arriving at the restaurant. She led us to our seats and took our orders quickly, then left. Amber went to the ladies' room, and I saw a chance. I made arrangements with a nearby waiter to have the ring brught out on top of Amber's order. When she came back, i acted completely natural until our meal came.

At that point, I got down on one knee and said, "Amber Lynn Greene, will you marry me?"

Amber looked stunned. "Yes! Yes," she exclaimed, "of course I will! Nick, It's beautiful," she said.

"I saw it, and I thought it was perfect for you."

"It is," she said, smiling widely and looking at me with her beautiful hazel eyes.

We ate the rest of our meal joyfully, giddy with anticipation of our future.

The End

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