The Fall, Book One - Critical MassMature

This is the first book of several about a nuclear war that destroys modern civilization. This book is about the soldiers who fought that war - what they did, what they felt, what they saw, heard, and so on.


I awoke in the dead of night to gunfire. I sat up, confused and disoriented. What was going on? When I looked out of the window, I saw men battling in the streets. Then, I froze - those were soldiers, North Korean and American, fighting outside my house inNew York City. I shot out of bed, grabbed my dad’s old 1911 pistol he’d given me when I moved out and my phone, and dialed my parents' number. I had to be sure they were safe.

"Mom," I said, "Do you know what's going on?"

"Nick, I've been watching the news all night. Yes, I know what's going on."

"Are you crazy?" I asked in disbelief. There was an attack on New York City, and she was sitting at home watching the news? "You've got to leave the city. I'll come and get you. I'll pick up Amber on my way to your house. I know a safe place outside the city."

"Alright, Nick, just be safe."

"I will, mom. Promise me you'll stay put until I get there."

"We'll be here, Nick. Just hurry and get that girlfriend of yours and then pick us up and we'll be out of this mess."

I hung up without a word, and instantly regretted it. "I love you, mom," I said into the darkness. She might never hear me say that again if things went wrong. I put that out of my mind for now, pulling my black leather jacket off a hook and grabbing my car keys, then heading for the door. When I got outside, I dodged soldiers on the street on the way to my car. I pulled up at my girlfriend, Amber’s house five minutes later, and ten minutes or so after that, we’d arrived at my parents’ house after a relatively uneventful ride – given the circumstances. They came out carrying half the house’s worth of suitcases, which they loaded into the trunk, and then piled into the back seat of the car.

I drove to the city limits, and got stopped by armed soldiers at a checkpoint. When Amber asked what was going on, the most we got out of a man walking around the vehicle, occasionally stopping to look at something more carefully was, “Just a routine check, ma’am.” A few minutes later, we were on our way again.

We’d stopped somewhere to eat when we saw soldiers run by on foot, and then a tank plowed through. We were running to the back of the restaurant to escape the battle unfolding before us, when an explosion shook the building, destroying the front half of the place. Someone must have fired an anti-tank round or something, judging by the explosion. I looked around to make sure everyone was okay, and I noticed that I couldn’t find my parents. I looked around frantically, when a terrible thought struck me: they were older and carrying more, and they’d probably fallen behind. They had probably been caught in the explosion. I froze in shock. Amber was saying something, and the restaurant manager was shouting, and half a dozen other people were running around, but I took no notice of any of this. My parents were gone. What did I do now?

The End

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