How it Began

Chapter 1. How it began

Jake and his friends(his girlfriend aswell) where crouded around a tall tree. Jake's best friend Tim and tim's girlfriend where climbing it and nearly at the top. When they was at the top they balanced on the one twisted branch. " Jake, how will i get down?" Tim screamed from the branch he was perched on. Jake started climbing the tree to go get his friends, followed by his girlfriend Elena Miller. Jake got to the top and offered his hand to Jade, Tim's girlfriend. She pulled him up, not understanding his gesture. They pulled Elena up and stood there on the branch. Jake didn't notice  the boy behind Jade. " I'm Nico" he said and shook hands with Jake.  While Jake was standing on the edge he and Elena, jade and tim where pushed off the branch. They where falling at tremendouse speed. Jake had everyone in his arms as if he was hugging them.

That was when they hit the floor!

The End

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