The FallMature

Slowly I opened my eyes.  The first thing I remember feeling was how sore my lips were.  Jesus, they hurt.  Then in turn the rest of my body gave me the good news.  Each part of my anatomy screamed at me, telling me to stay still but I couldn't.  This instinctive desire to hide was too hard to supress.

The crust around my eyes had superglued them shut but I managed to free them as my eye lids felt as though they were ripping apart.  Shit!  The sun was blinding but I could make out in the distance an enormous mountain, then I focussed on palm trees, rocks, wild life...

Suddenly all of my senses awoke, the crashing of the sea roared into my head, I felt as though I was going to explode.  It was then I realise I was laying on the sand.  I looked down, I was wearing a black wet suit, the legs were in tatters although I appeared un injured.

Where the hell am I?  What the hell happened to me?  At that moment  two names popped into my head. John Richardson and Merv Hughs.  I became confused, disorientated, I couldn't think straight.  I was sure one of the names belonged to me but which?  Gingerly I crawlled under a palm tree, the sand was scorching and I could barely move my legs but I was determinned.  I sat and gathered myself.  Someone somewhere knew what was going on and I had to find out what but first I had to find out where I was.

I had a good look around from where I was and swallowed the pain of my pounding head when I suddenly became aware that I was being watched.  I quickly turned round to find a man and women staring back at me full of curiosity.

The man stepped forward.  We are Helmo and Georgia.  You may only speak to one of us.  His loin cloth slowly flapped in the breeze clapping against his tanned body.  The women was beautiful.  She was petite but equally as tanned.  Something about her made me feel very uneasy so I sat and decided what to do. 

The End

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