The Falcon and The Rat

I have spent many a day musing of a world composed of Music, rather than chemistry. My character, Jerald, is a social pariah. The world, now full of intolerant people, hates him with a passion and they have plotted to end his life. Jerald's special world of Music has not yet been revealed to him. Though in time, when he comes further in his escape from the hateful world he once knew, he will realize that everything around him is not anything like what it appears to be.

A soft breeze blew through the streets. It was a relief from the hot midday sun. Jerald wishfully thought back to the breeze for a moment, then set his mind back to the task at hand. A falcon appeared out of the haze of sky and swooped down speedily, perching on a flagpole. It let out a loud cry into the usual quiet day in Sellersby. A modest town on the coast, Sellersby was the last safe haven for Jerald, but his time there was running thin. He looked up to the falcon that was now peering at a rat that was sniffing around a gutter on the adjacent rooftop. "Hello there, friend," said Jerald, "It seems you and I are the only ones here at this hour." The falcon did not respond. "Well, I'll chat with you later, I have an appointment. Goodbye." The falcon looked at Jerald, then at the rat, then at Jerald, then the rat again. It finally launched itself of its perch and plunged toward the rat, who was oblivious to any of its surroundings, let alone any threats. It squealed as the falcon snapped its beak around its small, supple frame and flew away, back into the haze in which it had appeared.

The End

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