The Fairytales of Verdant Dale

A collection of fairytales by Verdant Dale, my pseudonym.

Verdant Dale is a state of mind, the greenest and most heavenly you will ever stumble upon. It combines pure peace with the truest love, and it tells past stories of ancient courage and the most graceful romance. It is a place of hills, lakes and forests, dreams, fairytales and raptures. Here through the mists of the mountains you will find your soul, and your soul will find you, and -- hopefully I'm a better poet than I'm currently sounding, this is just attempted eloquence, and I must say I'm failing ignominiously! But anyway, this is not the place for self-discouragement. Onwards and upwards, omniscient narrator! -- You are about to journey into the mystical realm of Verdant Dale; your imagination awaits you.

The End

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