First Impressions

The elf sprang forward with speed that only elves have to catch the poor girl, caught her, and laid her gently down in the grass.

“It was your job to tell about L’Adiya” the elf said angrily. “Well I’m terribly sorry, your Majesty, but I couldn’t help it. The few seconds of surprise on her face was priceless!” Briar said with a shrug. Unfortunately, the elf knew Briar well, and knew that he meant no harm, he was just having fun. So the elf sat down on the grass to wait until Eriana woke up, which he hoped would be soon.

The first things Eriana saw when she woke up were two beautifully brown eyes. Everything else was still blurry. She struggled to clear her vision. When it came into focus, she gasped and nearly fainted again, for in front of her, kneeling on the ground was something that she only read about in books, and even then she never thought that they would be real. It was an elf!

He was slim, and tall, with fair skin, and dark hair. Bright brown eyes, the colour of the chestnuts, and if Eriana looked very closely, she could just make out pointed ears from underneath his raven-black hair. He wore clothes of green and brown, and when he spoke, his voice was musical; it seemed as though there was a song, hiding just beneath the words, but ready to spring forward at any moment. He had a bow in his hand and a quiver of arrows slung across his back.

The elf helped her sit up, and gave her a drink of water. He then, stands and bows gracefully. “I’m sorry to have startled you Lady Eriana, Briar was supposed to explain things to you,” here he gave Briar a look that could have curdled milk. When Eriana saw this, she giggled; she was feeling much better already, and being called “lady” helped a bit too.

“Let me introduce myself, my name is Evander, and I live in this forest with my younger brother. You have entered our world, which is called L’Adiya. Sadly, we are having problems in our realm. I have asked Briar here to find someone who would be able to help us.” He smiled reassuringly.

“Your realm? Are you a king?” Eriana was suddenly nervous; she was definitely not dressed to meet a king, elf or not. She looked down at her clothes; a pair of blue shorts and pink t-shirt. She was dressed for walking in the woods, not meeting leaders and rulers of magical wood kingdoms.

Evander laughed. “No, I’m not a king…yet. That’s still my father, but has given my brother and I these woods to rule over, sort of practice.”

“Oh. Do I get to meet your brother too?” “Why yes, in fact, that’s where we’re headed right now.”

“Ok, just because if I’m going to be meeting more royalty, I feel severely underdressed.”

“Oh my goodness, I’ve forgotten myself again. Please forgive me Lady Eriana. If you would follow me, we can get you into something more suitable. For you see, in this world women wear dresses or skirts, not the clothes of men.”

Eriana smiled, “Does this I mean I get a dress?!”

“Of course.” Evander smiled, happy that she was excited. “Now if you would take my arm.” Eriana obliged and Evander led her deeper into the forest.

“Oh that’s all very well. Let’s just forget about Briar shall we. I don’t get any thanks, no appreciation.” Briar grumbled as he floated along behind the two. “I’d better go along to make sure that they don’t get into trouble.”

Eriana was so happy she could hardly breathe. She had often made up stories about her own wood, and now here she was in her own adventure. She was amazed by everything. From the tiny purple flowers, which turned out to be more fairies, to the clouds in the sky which were tinted with all the colours of the rainbow.

Along the way, Evander pointed out the different types of flowers, or in some cases, fairies that only looked like flowers, and the names for all the different animals. He also told her stories of when he and his brother, Lucek, were little, and they would run and play in these woods.

They finally stopped in a little clearing. Evander called something in a language that Eriana didn’t understand. A moment later, two things emerged from the other side of the clearing. They shimmered in the sunlight. They both had long, flowing, silvery hair, and were clothed in pale green.

“Good to see you again, ladies” Evander smiled at the tree-woman.“These are…

“Dryads” Eriana interrupted. She had read fantasy books often enough.

“Right! They are going to help you.”

Eriana walked forward numbly, she felt like she was in a dream. The dryads smiled at her, and led her into the deeper part of the forest from where they had come.

Evander and Briar watched her leave, and then sat down on a conveniently placed boulder to wait.

The End

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