The fairy with no wings

There is a world full of the supernatural we dream of; fairys, elves, humans, dragons, dwaves. Many of these creatures lived there thousands of years before our time. The humans still fight among themselves and some times the elves or dwarves join in as they are a long lived race and have little to do with their free time. Wars rage on both sides sometimes the humans win sometimes the elves or the dwaves, it didn't matter as neither race held a grude long. The fairys are the main characters of this story but don't worry there shall be more.

This world had many capital cities as everything was joined together, there were no seas that you had to travel to get from one place to another you could just buy a horse and set off. There are however 4 main cities that shall be visited in our series of storys and each comes with a legend. Ethalom is the home of fairys and were we shall be first visiting to meet the fairy of legend before she embarks upon her mighty journey of saving the world on her way she must meet certain people whoms storys we shall hear else where, at a different time. We shall begin at her childhood the lonely time when she knew the world was normal and she was strange.

                    *                              *                                         *

The moonlight shimmered on the water as it moved it's way down toward the waterfall that waited at the end, the rocks at the bottom gave out a sinister look waiting patiently for some unluckly stick or toy boat that it could smash like an old bone under a wolfs paw. On a rock at the edge of the river, there sat a little girl of 16 years. She sat staring out with a blank look in her eyes as though in deep thought, her fingers played in the water dancing round like a ballarina. She was a fairy though she didn't look like one, she had to walk everywhere she wanted to go as her family was too poor to afford a horse and they were ralely needed in Ethalom. She went to school like all the other fairys her age, here she learned how to read, write, ride, fight and make music. She wasn't allowed to be there in the history and legends class because of the reason that she was the fairy of legend and the king, Phillip, didn't want her to know anything until her 17th summer; thus she learnt how to fight. This was quite uncommon among the ladies and young girls as they weren't ment to fight in wars or even small battles. 'It was unlady-like' they said, the teachers that were, but Laila was allowed she always wondered why her and only her was allowed to learn how to fight, sometimes she thought they were going to sent her to a human setlement to live were she would be normal was it not for her prolonged live. 

She relised later at the age of 10 that it was to give her an advantage in case anyone ever tried to make do anything she didn't want to and with the pride her father showed when he watched her practise she soon became too good for her beginers class and was moved up, it was only after she began excelling in the subject did the king become interested and summoned her to his castle. Her parents were so proud they bought her a new outfit for dueling or practicing in, as her old one had holes in it. She belived it so beautiful that she wore it in front of the king instead of the dress that had been hand picked and make for her by the kings taliors. King Phillip however laughed at this and found it cute. They dueled, he found her a formidable apponent and so ordered her to train with the amy. So every day she went down to the training fields were a line of men were wanting to test their strenght against hers.  

She returned to the rock were she sat so quietly by watching the leaves drift on the wind almost every day and she sat there wondering about her life in the future, whether she would marry a rich man of high class or a poor man of low class, a blacksmith, a warrior, a bard, there was an endless posibitly.

The End

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