The Third Little Pig

Once upon a time, Little Red Riding Hood was walking in the forest, picking flowers, when she heard a noise. She spun around. There were three bears, Papa Bear, Mama Bear, and Baby Bear, and they were following her!

They called out "Run, run, as fast a you can, the gingerbread bears will still catch you."

She was very scared, but she knew there was a little straw house just up ahead, so she ran as quickly as she could, and banged on the door. "Help, help, three bears are chasing me!" she cried, and soon the door opened.

"I am sorry I can't hide you," the little pig said, "I must spin all this straw into gold by tomorrow for the King. You can ask my brother, though; he lives just around the corner."

She took off running again, without waiting to say goodbye. Soon she was banging at the second little pig's door.

"I am sorry," he said, when he hear her request. "I must go to the market today and sell my cow. There is a man there who will trade three magic beans for a cow, and I must have some of those magic beans. However, if you follow this path a little ways, you will come to my brother's house. Surely he will be able to help you."

By this time Little Red Riding Hood was feeling very tired, but she set off at her best speed. After running for five minutes, and not seeing a single house, she wondered if she had taken the right path. However, when she rounded the corner, there it stood. She ran up to the door and knocked. Before she could say anything, the door opened.

WHAT do you want?" shrieked a cackly old voice.

Little Red Riding Hood was so shocked at her ugliness she couldn't think of a single thing to say.

After a moments silence the old witch snarled "Well, if you haven't anything to say, don't go banging at people's doors." Then that old witch slammed the door right in her face.

But before it was fully shut, Little Red Riding Hood got a glimpse of the third little pig. He was in a little cage, and the witch had stoked up the fire to cook him for dinner.

Little Red Riding Hood thought it would be a good idea to try to rescue the little pig. She would need some help, though. She was just about to set off for the other little pigs' houses, when she remembered the three bears. She looked around, but couldn't see them anywhere. They must have found some blueberries, and forgotten all about her.

She ran to the first little pig's house, and arrived just as he was leaving for the market.

"Wait, wait!" she cried, "We must rescue your brother!"

"My brother!" cried the little pig,"Why, what has happened to him?"

Then Little Red Riding Hood told him what had happened. "I ran to your brother's place to ask him to hide me. When the door opened, it was a witch! I thought I had gone to the wrong house, until I saw your brother. He was in a little cage. I am sure she will eat him for dinner. She is already preparing the fire to cook him!"

He immediately decided it was more important to rescue his brother than to have three magic beans. He was going to set off right away, but Little Red Riding Hood mentioned that they might need reinforcements. So they rushed to the other little pig's house, and explained the situation to him. He immediately dropped his spinning, and they hurried off to save their brother.

On their way, they met a man and a woman. The woman was yelling at the man.

"You silly Knave, why did you eat all my tarts?" she stormed.

Suddenly they saw the two little pigs, and Little Red Riding Hood, walking in a great hurry.

"Where are you going?" asked the Knave.

So Little Red Riding Hood told him all about the third little pig being held captive by the witch, and they immediately wanted to help rescue the little pig from that mean ugly witch.

The five of them set off on their march again.

Suddenly, a man came running around a corner. "Queen, Queen," he yelled,"Why did you put live blackbirds in my pie? Oh, who's this?"

Once again, Little Red riding Hood told her story, and now there were six.

They had just started off again, when they saw in the distance two creatures running towards them. When they got closer, they could see it was a lion and an unicorn. They were having an argument.

"I knocked you down 87 times, you silly old fool!" shouted the unicorn.

"Yes, but I chased you all around the town!" retorted the lion.

"Hey, here's the King himself. We could really have a fight for the crown now." said the unicorn

Then they noticed the others. “Were are you guys going?" asked the Unicorn, suspiciously.

"We are going to rescue the third little pig from an evil witch." Little Red Riding Hood told them.

"Hey, I'm good at rescuing things." said the Unicorn.

"I'm good at fighting off old witches." said the Lion, and so they joined the group.

Soon they were almost there, and had to make their plans of battle.

They quickly agreed that the best plan would be to distract the witch. The Queen and the King would knock on her door, and surprise her by giving her an invitation to their granddaughter's shower, to be held at the royal palace. While this was happening the Unicorn would break the window, the Knave would jump in and save the pig, and the Lion would follow, to overpower the witch. The Knave would pass the pig through the window to Little Red Riding Hood, and she would take care of his injuries. When their plans were complete they separated, the King and Queen to go to the front door, and the rest to sneak through the forest.

The King and Queen knocked on the front door. The door swung open.

"WHAT do you want?" said the witch.

"Hello," said the Queen, "Do I have the privilege of speaking to the witch who lives here?"

Now, the witch was very proud of her status as a witch. "Yes, you do," she replied, haughtily.

"My daughter is going to have a baby, as I am sure you know, with all the news circulating. She asked me to go around and individually invite each and every witch, fairy, and leprechaun to the shower. It will be held next Thursday. Will you be able to make it?" asked the Queen.

At this very moment, a loud crash echoed. The Knave jumped through the window. He looked around, but couldn't see the pig. Then he opened the stove, and there was the poor little pig, more dead than alive.

At that noise, the witch turned around. "I've been tricked!" she shouted, and, quick as a wink, she jumped on her broomstick and flew away.

The lion, who had jumped through the window after the knave, followed the witch out of the house. The unicorn joined the chase, and soon they were around the corner and out of sight.

The Knave carried the pig out to the front porch, where they laid him down. He was still breathing, but he was very badly burnt. They needed a doctor immediately. The knave went to the barn and saddled up the horse, and was about to depart when he saw an old mule ambling along the road. The doctor was riding his mule on his way to visit his patients. He would no longer walk, because last time it rained, he stepped in a puddle up to his middle, and was all dirty and wet.

"Doctor, Doctor," the knave cried, "Will you come and save the little pig's life?"

Of course, the kind old doctor would never leave anyone who is dieing, so he immediately followed the Knave to the little pig's house. When he saw the little pig's condition, he pulled out some ointment, and rubbed it on the burns. Then he asked Little Red Riding Hood and the Queen to clean up the little pig's house, and get rid of the mess the witch had left behind. The little pig would have to stay in his bed until he recovered, because there weren't any hospitals nearby. The doctor and the Knave tucked the pig into his bed, and the doctor told the two little pigs how to care for their brother.

The King granted the first little pig excuse from spinning straw into gold for him, so he could stay with his brother. The doctor climbed on his old mule, and continued on his way to visit his patients. The King, Queen and Knave walked back to their castle, and Little Red Riding Hood picked some flowers to put beside the third little pig's bed.

Under his brothers' faithful care, the little pig was soon better again, and everyone lived happily ever after, until their next adventure.

The End

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