The Fairy Tale

A parody on all the fairy tales ever.

A long, long time ago, there was a king who ruled a small country full of fairies, witches, and talking animals. The King and his Queen ruled in peace not bothered by the goings-on of the magic creatures. Their daughter, Princess Sophia, had just married a prince from a neighbouring country, Prince Cole of Haibeil, and it had sparked a year-long celebration. It was just nearing the end of the year when the king gave to the new heir to the throne the Dukedom of Cassia, which included the beautiful forest of Leogolia.

Deep in the middle of the forest there was a little clearing. In the center of the clearing, sat a squat sod house, with a thatched roof. It belonged to Mr. Hood, who was a blacksmith, and his wife, who used to be a cook in the Queen's service, until she got married. They didn't mind their small, one-roomed house, as there were only three people who lived in it, Mr. and Mrs. Hood, and their only daughter, Little Red Riding Hood.

The End

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