The Fading Night

Another piece written for English.

The premise is basically a story of "forbidden love" from the POV of the immortal character rather than the conventional mortal hero.

The flames flicker between the trees as the ceremony begins. Already the sun has started to set, falling helplessly behind the mountains in the distance. The group of seven begins to chant softly at first, steadily becoming louder and more eerie as the hours pass, their lyrics haunting the wind. The rest of us sit in silence, and I see you glance across at me from the other side of the circle. Your wide eyes betray your innocence, as always. You have no idea what is happening, or what will happen. As the music increases in tempo, perhaps seeming to you so slowly as to not be happening at all, my stomach begins to feel odd and hollow.

The first person in the circle begins a delicate harmony with the existing seven, and the melody grows and grows until the entire circle is humming in unison to the tune unknown to us all until it began. Even you join in as the ancient music flows through you, ignoring your few years.  It seems unnatural for the soft, low ebbing to emerge from your mouth, rather than those pleasing songs that pass in an instant. And yet you seem happy to sing along, becoming similar to us for the first and last time.

I am sorry. The sadness breaks my voice, and with it the melody. The circle ceases to chant, until only the dull throb of the seven remains. It has never sounded less beautiful. For the first time in my life, the hours drag by without measure. Each change in pitch as the hum waxes and wanes is painfully slow, so slow that the darkness has enclosed us before I hear it end. The night has fallen, and the circle rises.

Time resumes its normal pace, so that it is mere moments before the broken corpse lies bleeding in the centre of the circle. The grass stains outwards, reaching out to brush our feet, yet falling short. Then the light comes swiftly, tearing through the trees and illuminating the scarlet sores where we have maimed the earth. The night has faded, and the circle sits.

The End

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