Stan crossed the open area in front of the school where students gathered and continued to get off buses and out of cars. From a distance he spotted Delilah, his longtime girlfriend, and had mustered up the courage to finally tell her, and his football coach, that he was about to quit the team.

"Hey Delilah!" he shouted, waving a hand as he attempted to approach where she stood with a collection of other girls on top of the popular pyramid. 

Stan began to jog, and in the process he knocked into a fellow classmate, loner Stokely, who pressed her eyebrows together in frustration and tucked a strand of her dark, short hair behind her ear.

"Walk much?" she muttered, slinking past Stan with a scowl.

"You ran into me beast," he shot back, eyeing the girl wearing all black for an extra second before hurrying back on his original mission. "Delilah!"

Stokely looked over her shoulder at the curly-haired jock before marching on toward the front entrance of the school.

"Hey Del," Stan said as he approached the small circle of girls. "Did you hear me calling?" he leaned in, attempting to touch his lips to hers, but Delilah pushed away.

"Whoa, Stan these are Este Lauder lips, take fifty-two minutes to apply." She waved goodbye to the girls and flipped a notebook shut as she walked away.

"Hey, we need to talk," Stan urged, following her away from the crowd.

"Stan, no, baby." Delilah shook her head and marched on, "As head cheerleader and editor of the school paper I have a lot on my plate right now. I'm in need of a cover story."

"Well, I could have just the story you're looking for," he told her, attempting to keep her attention for just a few seconds.

"I'm sure you think so, honey." Delilah finally turned and brushed his hair back, before continuing on in her pursuit of something interested on the boring Thursday morning.

Stan stopped following and shook his head before being bombarded from behind by a group of his teammates.

"Girls weaken the legs, man," Gabe, his handsome co-captain claimed, pulling at his jacket. "Let's go."

Stan gave him, staring outward as Delilah began to mix in with the collection of students that continued to remain outside in the warm weather for an extra few minutes before the school bell rang.

He trudged up the stairs with his pack of friends and entered the school, passing by Zeke, who still lingered outside of the boys bathroom with his hands in the pockets of his baggy jeans.

"Hey, I'm new here," a voice from behind stated, "Could you point me in the direction of the main office?"

Stan glanced over his shoulder, spotting a pretty, thin blond girl was a pale complexion.

"I'm Marybeth Louise Hutchinson," the girl introduced herself to another student, "From Atlanta."

Gabe followed Stan's gaze at the new girl and laughed, "Welcome to Harrington," he said to the group, making the boys all laugh.

"Looks like Zeke is already trying to claim the fresh meat," another boy chimed in.

Stan took one last look over his shoulder and saw the tall, handsome derelict reaching a hand out to introduce himself to Marybeth.

The End

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