Part 3

The door gave unwillingly, scratching the floor as Felix pushed.  When there was enough room for him to squeeze through, he stopped and caught his breath.  The door had apparently been closed for quite some time.  Felix found himself wondering why it hadn't been locked.  He stepped cautiously through the opening and peeked into the building. 

It was quite dark.  Felix could not make out any detail beyond ten feet from where he stood.  He looked up to see a brick archway that stood above the entrance hall.  White lettering curved across the top of the arch.  It read J.D.S. and Co.  He recognized the initials from the spire he'd examined above ground.  Who in the world was J.D.S.?

Felix wormed his way completely through the opening until he stood fully inside the entrance hall.  He tested the door to see that it wouldn't shut behind him, then protruded slowly towards the archway.  He put a cautious hand on the wall, feeling for a light switch.  Instead his hand came to cold, hard metal.  He turned, but could not see exactly what his hand had touched.  He examined it with his other hand.  It seemed like some sort of iron plate stuck in the middle of the wall.

He found a handle on the metal plate and pulled it open.  His hand felt another metal handle, only it was connected to some sort of lever.  A switch! 

Felix pushed with all his might until the handle was all the way up; it made an intimidating 'clack'.  Deep from within the building came a similar comotion.  He heard sputtering, clacking and eventually the hum of power.  Before him, an entire world revealed itself as lights sprung to life and machinery clanked into gear. 

The light was warm and welcoming, unlike the florescent lights he dealt with at school.  The entrance hall curved out into a catwalk which lined the perimeter of the building.  Below the catwalk was the main level, where an array of machinery was spread out between conveyor belts and metal tables.  Two pairs of stairs on either side of the building spilled down from the catwalk into the main level. 

The back wall of the building was no more than two-hundred away from where Felix stood.  In the center was an enormous portrait of a man.  The man was tall and had calm, blue eyes.  His complexion was relaxed yet sincere, and his left hand rested on piano keys, as if he were about to play something pleasant.  Felix walked slowly around the catwalk, examining the machinery below.  He noticed stacks upon stacks of piano keys that sat upon the metal tables. Some of them had an apparatus of wooden hammers attached, but most were just lonely sets of keys.

Felix now reached the back wall of the factory, where he could get a closer look at the giant portrait.  It was even larger than he'd anticipated.  If he were to take it down (which he probably couldn't), the portrait would be a full five feet taller than him.  He noticed at the bottom of the portrait were gold-inlaid letters.

Jonathan Davis Salisburg - 1885-1954

Felix repeated the name under his breath.  He stood in awe for a few seconds, taking in the historical prowess the atmosphere around him held.  He reached out to touch the portrait-


Felix jumped in terror.  He spun about, searching for the source of the voice.  It was feminine, but terrible and witchlike.

"LEAVE!" the voice hissed.

Felix needed no more impetus to do so.  He stumbled over his own feet as he made for the entrance hall.  As he reached the door, the lights extinguished themselves and ear-piercing screeches reverberated throughout the building.  Felix lunged through the cracked door and tumbled head over heels into the grassy knoll.  He got to his feet and charged up the hill, the witchy voice cackling from within the building. 

Terrified out of his mind, Felix sprinted all the way home.  He ignored the burning in his legs and didn't stop until he was in his room, safely tucked under his covers.

The End

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