Chapter 19Mature

Chapter 19

Maria felt very awkward standing in the crowd alongside Charlene, wearing a coat over her sleeveless dress as Peter, Frank, other male FBI agents and the police surrounded Norman Wendice's house. No-one was sure whether Norman would fight or come quietly but to their surprise he came quietly. After Norman was arrested and taken away, the crowd started to disperse a little and Chief Deputy Khan went over to Maria, Charlene and Jenny.

"Well that wraps that up." She then spoke in an undertone to Maria, "Sorry to interrupt your date".

"That's okay" Maria replied. "I know this is important".

"What?" Jenny looked surprised. "You went on a date Maria? With whom?"

Maria blushed. "With our boss."

Jenny looked stunned. "No way? Really? You and Peter?"

Maria nodded, glancing anxiously at Charlene. Charlene smiled. "I think it's cool."

"And, speaking of me and Peter" Maria whispered, "what about you and Frank?"

It was now Charlene's turn to blush. "You don't mind do you?"

"Of course not. In fact, we should all have a get together. Sort of clear the air and move on."

At that point, Frank and Peter came over together.


Frank, Charlene, Maria, Peter, Jenny, Sherrif Wright and Chief Deputy Khan were all enjoying a drinks do over at Frank's house.

"It turns out" the sherrif took a sip of Italian white wine, "That Norman was Lynette's nephew".

"You're kidding? Really?"

Sherrif Wright nodded.

"I don't know" he continued. "He's a strange one Norman - reserved, over conscientious, over ambitious, preoccupied with revenge, retribution and control". He shrugged. "Shame such a successful person should turn to the dark side. A waste really."


Maria wandered over to Frank.

"Hi Maria".

"Hi Frank".

There was a few minutes silence.

"Well, I'm glad we solved the case".

"Me too."

Silence fell again. Then Frank sighed and held out his hand to Maria. "It is time we put the past behind us. I'm really glad you found Peter. He's a kind and understanding friend and boss and if you don't mind me saying so, you two seem well matched, better than me and you were".

Maria took his hand and shook it. "Thanks Frank. I'm happy for you and Charlene too. I think she's the right one for you. Friends?"


The End

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