Chapter 17Mature

Chapter 17

He walked briskly down the corridor towards Ashley's classroom. He found himself looking forward to his last murder. The power to avenge, the power to destroy, the ultimate power over life and death - that gave him an adrenaline rush as nothing else could. His stomach contracted with excitement, his pace and heartbeat quickened with anticipation. Yet, outwardly he forced himself to appear calm and collected as usual. He put his hand in the inside of his waistcoat for a split second to make sure the school tie he had stolen was still there. It was.

Ashley had just finished the last of her paperwork. She yawned and stretched, shoving the paperwork to one side along with the marked excersise books. It was a quarter to six and she felt very tired. She should perhaps go home. She had done all there was to do. Besides Dominic would be home and would never leave her side so she had nothing to fear. Just then she heard a knock at the door. She stiffened but looked up anyway. Her face broke into a smile when she saw who it was.

"Oh, hello. What are you doing here?"

"I came to see Miss Carr. We got chatting for a very long time and then when I went to leave I found the gates locked." He shrugged and then continued "I returned to reception but the receptionist had gone so I was on my way to see the headmaster when I saw you. You're here late". His voice was modulated yet appealing, and his manner charming, confident and charismatic.

"Yeah". Ashley paused. "I stayed late to catch up with all my marking and paperwork so that I wouldn't have to worry about it at the weekend."

"Sounds sensible."

"Besides I'm reluctant to go home at the usual time or early when there's a killer on the loose targeting young females". Ashley spoke casually and semi jokingly. He chuckled.

"Come in, no need to stand in the doorway."

He came in and sat down.

"I am sorry you got locked in but I could do with the company."


They chatted about this and that. At last Ashley got up.

"Well I must be off in a minute. Let me put all these things away first."

She turned her back to him. A terrible mistake. Before she knew it, Ashley was yanked from behind and gagged. She struggled but he pinned her up against the wall with his body. Her arms trapped at her sides, Ashley couldn't move. She could only stare in horror as he took the school tie he had stolen from the inside of his jacket, slipped it round her neck, and started to strangle her.


The headmmaster too felt it was time to go home but first he decided to go and see if Ashley had finished yet. He didn't allow his staff to overwork. He got up, yawned and stretched and then set off to Ashley's classroom.


He was strangling Ashley as hard and fast as he could, his fingers fumbling with excitement, his eyes boring straight into hers. It was then that he heard footsteps approaching. Damn.

He dragged Ashley behind the curtain, using the curtain cord to bind her wrists firmly together before resuming strangling her.

The headmaster came in and at once realised something was wrong, seeing a man's legs and feet protruding from under the curtain. He was just taking out his mobile to ring for the police when the curtains were flung open and the man pulled Ashley in front of him.

"If you ring the police I'll break her neck" he threatened.

The headmaster's mobile slipped and clattered on the floor.

"You?" he said. "You're the mystery strangler?"

"I'm not in the mood to answer silly questions. I have nothing against you headmaster and really do not want to have to kill you".

The headmaster stood stunned and staring. He decded to chance it. He couldn't stand by and do nothing. He bent and picked up the phone.

There was a sickening crack and the headmaster looked up.

Ashley's neck had just been broken.

Throwing a dead Ashley into the headmaster's arms, the killer fled.

The End

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