Chapter 12Mature

Chapter 12

So, the FBI were now assigned to the case, he thought, folding the newspaper he was reading and putting it down on the coffee table. He liked the nickname the press had given him - the mystery strangler. Given that nobody knew about his wearing a mask or a black halloween costume during his kills, it was the only concievable nickname anyone could give him.

While he had nothing against Paulo, he merely saw the effect Maddeline's death had on Paulo as unfortunate collateral damage that could not be avoided. Paulo would in time with luck meet another woman who would love him, perhaps better than Maddeline had done. He had no regrets about strangling Maddeline. She had deserved it. Maybe Lynette had deserved her strangling more but that didn't mean Maddeline didn't deserve hers.

He leant back in his chair, crossing his ankles and arms. He remembered very exactly the kinds of things Lynette used to say to him. Temporary anger and heat of the moment speech were poor excuses in his opinion. She had told him he was decietful and used to lying - well perhaps he hadn't been at the time but he certainly was now. Ironic that. A sentence shot through his mind, as clear now as it was then; "How the hell do you know that?" and the sharp tone in which it was spoken. His lips twisted up in a bitter smile.

Shame he hadn't used cutting - that would have been very fitting, but he was a man of one method. He had actually taken the hardest of the four elements to copy and that was air. If he had wanted to imitate fire, he would have just set fire to a room with his victim in it. If he had wanted to imitate water, he would have drowned his victim or left her near water. Earth would have been the hardest elememt to imitate as it would have involved access to a coffin and also access to sleeping drugs. No - he had chosen the element of air wisely and used strangling. He didn't care about the theft of Maddeline's belt. Strangely enough it did fit him, so he would add it to his colection of belts, only grateful he had got it free.

This led him to reflect on Maddeline, the woman who had so often reprimanded him for trying to exert power and control over his peers in his school days. He had no power over her at that time but as an adult he had now exacted his revenge on her and used his new found power to take from her that which she valued most - her own life.

The End

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