Chapter 8Mature

Chapter 8

"So, what do you think?" asked Frank.

He and Charlene wre sitting opposite each other at a table in a small Italian restaurant.

"It looks great." Then she looked uncertainly at Frank. "Are you sure you're ready? I mean, I know how much Maria breaking up with you hurt you."

Frank waved a hand. "Everyone needs to move on at some point."

"True". Charlene sipped at her wine.

"Is the wine okay?"

"Yeah, it's nice." She set the glass down and began on her food, careful to push her hair back first.

Frank began on his as well. There was silence as they both concentrated on eating. Then Frank put down his knife and fork and drank some more wine, his eyes lingering on Charlene's glossy hair.

They split the bill between them.

"Well you have a choice, I could either drop you off at your place or..."

"Or what?"

"Or I have a couple of decent bottles back at mine, if you fancy a nightcap."

"You know what? I just might."


He contemplated the wall covered in masks in his room thoughtfully. He loved masks. Right from childhood, designing or collecting masks had been a hobby, in fact for him it was more than a hobby, it was a passion. He remembered stating to someone only recently that some people believe the wearer takes on the personality of the mask, though personally he liked to amend that theory to a person adjusting according to how others percieved them and what environment they were in.

He'd had no regrets about strangling Lynette. The smart, arrogant, know it all had deserved it. Even reliving the event sent a shiver of excitement down his spine, a rush of adrenaline through him. He had a dual personality -  a respectable, confident, charismatic guy, well able to lead and inspire others, yet behind closed doors he was a faceless avenger with the power to exact revenge on anyone who in his eyes had either wronged him or didn't deserve to live. Wearing a mask allowed him to shroud himself in mystery - to be a mysterious killer. The mystery strangler also seemed like a good title now he came to think of it, though he preferred to be known as a faceless avanger because this placed much more importance on his mask.


Frank sighed, looking at Charlene. "You are so beautiful."

He and Charlene were sitting side by side on his sofa, the very same one she had fallen asleep on last time she was at his house.

The song Shape of my Heart by Sting was playing in the background.

"Thanks Frank".

Frank put his glass down on the table. He took Charlene's glass from her hand and put that down as well. Then he leaned in and kissed her. Charlene started kissing him back and the music continued in the background.

The End

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