Chapter 6Mature

Chapter 6

Maria knocked on the door of Peter's office.

"Come in" called Peter.

Maria came in. "Here's your coffee Sir". She held it out to him.

He took it. "Thanks Maria."

Maria made as if to go but Peter said "Did you see the news last night? It seems a young university lecturer was strangled in her own house by some intruder".

"Yes Sir, I saw that."

"I wonder when Sherrif Wright will get us involved."

"Well Sir" Maria hesitated. "With all due respect, if this is just a one off, surely we should give the local police a chance to investigate first. They will call us in if they need us."

"You're quite right of course." Peter smiled at Maria and sipped at his coffee. He liked Maria's quiet assertiveness. She always spoke her mind yet was careful to be tactful.

"Sir, if you no longer need me, then..."

"Oh yes, of course. Yes. Thanks for the coffee Maria."

"You're welcome Sir". Maria walked out, shutting the door quietly behind her. Peter sat back and twiddled his thumbs, staring at the ceiling.

Maria was a very attractive woman of about 36, tall, slender, with wavy golden brown hair and hazel eyes. Her voice was silvery, and she seemed strikingly beautiful in more ways than one....

Woah... Peter thought. She's your employee. You're her boss. She's had to deal with a difficult break up with one of your other employees. She needs space, and time to heal. Don't go there...


 Maddeline Davis was a stout woman of 31 with thick, curly black hair and deep brown eyes. She lived in a bungalow with a wide porch, also situated along one of the many tree lined boulewards in Montrose, Houston. Maddeline lived with her husband Paulo, who was originated from Portugal though born and brought up in the UK. Paulo earned his livelihood by teaching Portugese online, for, although born and raised in England he was nevertheless fluent in his native tongue. His dad had taught him to read and write in Portugese as well. Maddeline meanwhile had pursued a career as an orinary primary school teacher. Paulo was a year older than her.

The End

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