Chapter 5Mature

Chapter 5

Sherrif Wright put down the pathologist's report.

"Well?" asked Chief Deputy Khan.

"Well she was obviously strangled some time after nine as we know. There were no fingerprints on the body, suggesting that either the killer wore gloves or he wiped off his finger prints. No sign of the murder weapon either. He must have taken it with him after strangling her in case it could be used to identify him, or if he used a scarf he was wearing he didn't want to leave any DNA evidence."

Chief Deputy Khan had her long, wavy, dark brown hair tied up in a knot today. Sherrif Wright thought tying it back actually suited her better as it brought her face into greater prominence.

"So, did the crime scene officers report back to you?" he asked.

May nodded. "Nothing, I'm afraid."

"Damn it." Charles punched his fist on his desk.

May just looked at him.

"Sorry" he apologised. "So, any suggestions? I'm sherrif and I'm fresh out of ideas."

"We could question her yoga instructor and see if she knows anything."


Lettice Harmon was on her lunch break when Sherrif Wright and Chief Deputy Khan arrived at the fitness centre. She finished her sandwich quickly, tossed the empty sandwich packet in a nearby bin and then led the police to an empty table.

"You were Lynette McFarland's yoga instructor?"

"I was, yes."

"When did she usually have yoga?"

"Sunday afternoons between two and five."

"So the centre is open weekends?"

"It is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays but open from Wednesday to Sunday."


Lettice shrugged.

"Did you know her well?"

"Not really. She lived alone with her cat Pepper and I only saw her profesionally. By the way did you make arrangements for Pepper?"

"Yes, we had animal welfare deal with that. What did you think of Lynette?"

Lettice hesitated.

"Yes?" Charles prompted her.

"I had no ill will towards her but she came across like she thought she knew better than anyone else.

"She had no enemies that you knew of?"

"None, but then I didn't know her well."

"Well just in case," Charles held out a card to her. "Here's my card."

"Thanks." Lettice pocketed it. Glancing at her watch, "I must go now".

"Thanks Miss Harmon. You've been very helpful".

Charles knew he was lying but he wanted to be polite.

The End

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