Chapter 4Mature

Chapter 4

Sherrif Charles Wright was a tall, respectable and, distinguished looking man with dark brown hair and matching eyes. Accompanied by Chief Deputy May Khan, he strode authoratitively into Lynette McFarland's house.

"Who found the body?" he asked.

"A Tony Flynn. He's her piano teacher. He was concerned when she didn't turn up for her lesson today so he drove over. He found the wind blowing the front door which was ajar. When he looked into the hall and saw her lying there dead, he contacted the police."

Charles turned to the pathologist. "What do you think?"

"She was strangled, at about nine last night at a guess."

"There is no sign of forced entry" added one of the police deputies. "That suggests she opened the door for the cuplrit."

"Hmm. Well I'll need a thorough examination of the crime scene and then you can report your findings to Chief Deputy Khan here."

"Is it all right to remove the body now Sherrif?" asked the pathologist.

Sherrif Wright nodded.

"Excuse me Sir". May tapped Charles' shoulder.


"Well I do have one or two FBI contacts. Should I let them know about this?"

"Do you know them professionally or personally?"

"Personally Sir. Agent Frank Swann is a good friend of mine and I have seen one or two other agents on occasion."

Charles considered. "Yes, you can mention it to Frank as one friend telling another, but tell him not to notify his boss of this yet. I will contact the FBI myself if I feel we need them."

"Yes Sir". 


"So, what time did you find the body?"  

Tony Flynn sat in Interview Room 1 opposite him. There was a casette recording the interview. Since he was only there for routine questioning and not a suspect, there was no solicitor present.

"Just after four. I saw her hall clock."

"Why did you go there?"

"She didn't turn up for her piano lesson. Nornally in that case she would ring. I left messages at her house and when she still didn't come, I went round. I live nearby you see."

"So you drove round, parked the car, saw the door ajar, went in and then rang the police?"

"Yes, I used the cordless phone in the hall."

"When does she normally have piano lessons?"

"Saturday afternoons, two till five".

"Your relationship  to her is purely professional?"

"Yes. It is true that she tried to flirt with me once but I ignored it and she backed off."

"She had no enemies you knew of? No-one who wished her harm?"

Tony hesitated. "Nobody that I know of, except, she was the type to flirt with single and married men."

"There are a number of people like that but they rarely get themselves killed for it."

"Good point Sherrif."

"There is nothing more you can tell us?"


"Very well. You're dismissed Mr Flynn. If anything does occur to you, here's my card."

Charles handed Tony a card which he put away before leaving.

The End

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