Chapter 3Mature

Chapter 3

Lynette put away her papers and stood up, stretching. She had needed to stay late to catch up on some paperwork. She took her coat from off the back of the chair and put it on, also wrapping a warm grey scarf round her neck. Picking up her bag, she went out of the office, turning off the lights on the way out. Hopefully she would be able to catch the Number 5 bus directly to her place. There was one at seven thirty. Then a  microwave pizza tonight she thought. She was too tired to cook anything. She would leave that until tomorrow.

As she left the university site, Lynette had the strangest feeling that she was being watched. She stopped and turned. There was nobody in sight. She walked on, thinking she had imagined it. She glanced behind her several times and still saw nothing. There were a number of trees in the area and since there was no town near the university, there were very few lights. If anyone was following her, they were being discreet and he or she kept well put of sight among the trees. The bus arrived on time. Lynette paid and got on. After dismounting from the bus, there was still that creepy feeling of being observed. Lynette turned and looked round once more. Nothing.

Deciding she was simply being paranoid, Lynette let  herself into her house It was now a quarter to eight according to the clock in the hall. Lynette removed her shoes which she left in the hall under the coat stand where she hung up her coat and scarf. Putting on her red indoor slippers without bothering to remove her tights, she went into the kitchen. Opening the freezer, she was glad to find there was still one microwave pizza left. Good. She cut the plastic packaging and took it out, put it on a glass place and stuck it in the microwave, timing it for two minutes. After waiting for it to cool, she ate it and washed up her plate. She would now have a shower and read more of Our Mutual Friend before sleeping.

Suddenly, there was a ring at the door. Odd, thought Lynette. She went to answer it. A masked man dresed completely in black stood outside. Lynette looked taken aback.

"Can I help you?" she asked, her voice shaking.

The figure spoke no word. He suddenly pushed Lynette backwards into the hall, before walking in himself. Lynette opened her mouth to scream but the faceless man quickly gagged her and pushed her up against the wall. Holding her throat with one hand, he used the other hand to bolt the door securely on the inside. Lynette could only stare in horror. He took his hand away from her throat, but kept her pinned against the wall with his body. With her arms pinned to her sides she could not fight him.

 The masked man then unwound a scarf from his own neck, placed it round hers, and strangled her to death.

The End

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