Chapter 2Mature

Chapter 2

Frank walked into the sitting room, holding a cup of coffee.

"Good morning. I have coffee."

"Uhm" mumbled Charlene, opening her eyes. "Where am I?"

"At my place" Frank explained kindly. "You er had a lot to drink last night and locked yourself out of your house so I let you crash on my sofa".

Charlene rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and slowly sat up. She reached out for the coffee. "Thanks".

"No problem." Frank opened the curtains and then sat down on the other sofa.

"How did I come to lock myself out?" she asked, sipping her coffee.

"You left your keys in your locker at work."

"Oh right. She looked at her watch and suddenly looked horror struck. "We'll be late."

"It's Saturday" Frank reminded her.

"Thank God for that".

"By the way I rang Jenny and Maria and let them know you are safe. I thought they'd worry otherwise."

"Thanks Frank. You er didn't find it awkward to speak to Maria?"

Frank shrugged. "No more than usual really. I'll fix breakfast when you're up for it and then we'll go and get your keys out of your locker. After all, we all have keys to the buildimg. I'll drive you there."


 Lynette McFarland was a History lecturer who lived in one of several cottages also situated in Montrose. She was a tall woman of 32 with shoulder length wavy black hair and dark brown eyes. Lynette was single and lived alone, though she had for companionship a silver tabby called Pepper. Although very smart and accomplished, her arrogant manner and bossy behaviour as well as her relentless flirting with both single and married men tended to put most people off her. Only Pepper was unnconditionally loyal to Lynette. Lynette usually reserved her marking for Saturday mornings and her housework she tended to spread across the week. If she needed to do major cleaning she usually left that till Sunday mornings so she could spend the afternoons relaxing.

She had scheduled her yoga and piano lessons on Saturday and Sunday afternoons respectively for three hours each. Her other time she divided equally between housework, checking e-mails, essential marking and lesson preparation, reading and movies. Her piano teacher was a tall, slim man in his late twenties with short brown curls and glasses and her yoga instructor was a short dwarfish woman with a black bob hairstyle, a few years older than her, who also wore glasses.

The End

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