I was startled by the voice behind me. But still I couldn’t figure out who it was, so I groped in the dark for the switch. Suddenly there was a glow from the beneath the floor .Then it came into view of my eyes. I gasped for the air when I saw that my room was filled those evil blood dropping vampire bats. I could see the blood coming out of their mouth and their teeth covered with reddish color . Moreover the way they have settled on my books, stationery items, etc was the most horrifying and a little bit admiring facts. But still I couldn’t understand how they got blood drops on their faces and bodies. Then I saw blackness throughout the room, within few minutes I fell on the floor unconsciously. While I was falling I think I saw a man inside my room covered with black nightgown type dress with black cape on his face, which covered his face from the exposure, then everything went black thought I was going to die and he was the last person I saw while I died. Then, everything went black .

When I woke up my head seemed to go dizzy and my eyes provide me with blurred vision that why I saw myself on the ceiling. Soon when I came into my senses I realized that I was really stick on to the ceiling like a lizard stick to a wall. Then I had a strange feeling like something was attracting me or pulling me from the ceiling down. soon I started to float in the vacuum created inside my room. I tired to enjoy this flying in the air  but as soon as I smiled , I saw that same person again .After seeing him face to face and so close I lost all my enthusiasm , happiness, zest for living a life and every good memories were lost felt like now in my life there will be no happiness, no one will loves me. Sorrows seemed to take over my life. Then that man shouted harshly “see what all can I do with you and you life”. His voice was so loudly that the whole house shook from top to bottom and by his voices I heard that my mom and dad were awake and were advancing towards my room with grumbling and in hot temper .I breathe a relief and smiled on that man and told him to set me down sound and safe and go back the same route through which he had entered my room. But that man didn't hurry to run or to get vanished from the house, he just raised his hands and there was a sudden bright red light which was emitted from his hands and glowed all round, after which everything went silent .I didn’t understood what happened but, when I observed closing to the matter I came to know that our time had PAUSED!!!!

My clock stopped working, fishes in the aquarium stopped swimming and even there were no noises or voices of my dad & mom coming inside my room even the lighting outside and the rumbles of clouds had stopped. I was sweating very badly. I even soaked my brand new t- shirt. He then asked me “what did you think?? I would run from this place seeing your parents?? No!!! Never, no one can get rid of me I will destroy them if they tried to do so. In the quivering voice I asked him “who are you? Where have you come from and who gave you powers to stop time??”He then roared in his voice and said “I don’t have to answer to you little git.I shall myself introduce myself”. He then raised his hands in air and howled



The End

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