No!! Nothing I can’t feel those bats on my body or feel my body been torn apart. There was a pin drop silence in the room, no noise of the presence of those hungry bats. I tried to open my eyes but it was of no use. There was total darkness and in this darkness but still tried to stand and walk!!!!(Wasn’t I stupid doing that???)

Then I lost my balance and tripped over something. My baseball bat went flying to other corner of the room  . A pain shot through my head and my face. I fished for the thing on which I had tripped over, then I got hold on something soft and also I little hot .I tried to put it near to my face so that I can just figure it out what was that stupid thing. “Yikes!!! What the hell??” I threw away that thing from my hand as had I tripped over a big chubby bat and when I took it in my hands he licked my face as if he was trying to taste me for his dinner  .

Soon I got the feeling that I was not alone in the room, I was still surrounded by these vicious and animus bats. As soon as I got up recovering from the shock, I tried to crawl outside my room so that I won’t trip over those things again. Soon with great difficulty I reached my destiny door after which I would be free from this world of darkness and I turned the doorknob to open the door.

“OH! NO!!!!!! The door won’t bulge open”. I banged on the door, tried to scream for help but it was of no use as my door was made of those materials which resisted sound to escape from my room.  I turned myself around and tried to stick close to the door. The darkness in front of me sent down a shiver throughout my body. I started to tremble, my feet started to become feeble and weak. Then again I tried to open the door but ………..



The End

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