Who is that man?

well how does our mind reproduce a image when it is stricken with a word 'DEVIL'??
OF course, a person with two red horns, a tail on fire and painted in full red.
but have actually seen a devil and had known his power .
no!! then read the story to know and feel............. him

It was well past 11:40 pm. I was all set for my sleep. It had been a very long and tiring day. Yawning loudly I stretched myself , sat myself on the bed and rubbed my eyes .Then I went down in my bed...... to get lost inside my dreams.


A harsh banging on my door made me jump out of my bed. All my dreams went away from me. Again a loud bang on my door which really got on my nerves and furiously I took out my baseball bat and slowly and carefully I sneaked towards the window .

Outside everything was dark and to make the situation more scary a storm was building up. Lighting lit up the sky accompanied with rumble of clouds. With great effort I searched for the god damn person who took away my sleep and was trying to break my door. With great effort, I tried to get a good image of the person, but before I could judge something on the structure of person, something dark hit my window. As I was so close to the window that the sudden crush on my window made me leap backward . I screamed out my wits as my heart pounding with the fright and shock. I tried to figure out what those things were….but again      Something crashed !!!

As I looked closer those things begin to settle on my window pane. Dozens of them all in black shadows .As I drew closer towards the window I leapt backward and fell on ground  letting out a high shrill till my throat ached. I saw those big vicious creatures ‘bats’. It took me second to figure out what kind but as soon I realized I leapt for the window to make sure that they were locked properly locked. Because outside there sat on my window pane the monstrous type of the bats. They were popularly known as ‘WILD BLOOD SUCKNG VAMPIRE BATS’ known for their immense power to bite with their vampire teeth .But even after shutting my window, I saw that the lock of the window was giving up the way to open the window and the motion it produced was like if some kind of invisible force was working upon it. Soon, my window flew open and those flying beast came inside my room. I tried to scream, jump and to make noises  so that other members of my family can come to me for help but no one came to help .soon I was covered in total darkness with my eyes shut so that I can’t see those creatures tearing me off and drink  my blood as darkness fell on me. 

The End

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