The Party

"But you mustn’t forget darling, he is very important to us. I can hardly stand to attend these things, much less have to plan them. We will only need one, but it has to be the right one, and these affairs tend to attract what we need." she spoke crisply as she strode over to the door. Stopping to take a minute to admire herself in the mirror near the door, she smoothed out her hair and brushed her hands over the fine fabric of her dress.  "Besides," she added, "I have grown rather fond of him."

The small wolf yawned as it lowered itself to the floor.  It was clearly not impressed.

She smiled at it through the mirror as she made her way out the door. “I’ll be back shortly, try not to get into too much trouble.”

 Within a few minutes, she casually made her way to the main ballroom of the estate. Before even entering, she could hear the notes from the instrumental music that was wafting through the room. It reeked of the same pretension that no doubt saturated the entire party. Even through her cold demeanor, she found it easy to mix with others at events like this…but it did not make her enjoy it any.

The doorman deeply bowed and opened the door wide. Her heels clicked loudly as she confidently stepped into the room.  The room was enormous, and even had stairs leading to a second floor that overlooked the dancing area. It was elegant, even with the few decorations that were strewn about. Each person was dressed with equal elegance – beautiful, if slinky, dresses and sharp suits to match.  

As if on cue, the man from earlier broke away from the crowd to stand by her side. Smoothly, she took his arm and without turning to him murmured, “You’ve out done yourself this time, Richard.”

He nodded as he smiled, “Well thank you my dear. A party in support of such a prominent politician has to be extravagant does it not?”

“I’m sure,” she replied flatly, obviously not excited.  She would have asked which one was the guest of honour, but she couldn’t make herself care.

Nonetheless, he was quick to start guiding her. “I will introduce you to him. He is anxious to make your acquaintance. Of course, how could he not be with how much support you…we…have shown him,” he absently gestured to their surroundings and he spoke. Containing her eye roll, she did not argue.  It was important to open with those in attendance. It was the only way she would discover which of them would best suite her needs later on.

The End

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