Someone Enters

She gave the wolf one last stroke across the head, straightening up just as the door opened.

A suited man poked his head through the door, a small smile playing on his lips. She crossed her arms across her chest, not defensively, but playfully.

"Again?" She asked him, raising a delicate eyebrow. He shrugged, and walked in, a tie slung carelessly across his shoulders. He walked until he was close enough to touch her, then he turned.

She sighed and dropped her crossed arms.

"Sorry," the man muttered. She didn't answer. "I did try." He assured her. She chuckled quietly.

She raised her arms over his shoulders and began tying his tie. "It's not that hard." She told him. "Remember, the rabbit goes around the tree and--"

"That rabbit's journey is hard to remember." he interrupted. She sighed and dropped her hands. He turned. She examined her handiwork.

"Perfect." She smiled.

"Thanks," he grinned back. "How much longer will you be?"

"Not long," she said and turned back to the fire, her eyes searching for the pieces of broken glass.

She heard the door close, as if on cue, the wolf whined.

"I know," she whispered. "I know."

The End

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