The Face of Darkness

The room was much too dark to make out any details that lay behind what the fireplace illuminated.  A woman sat in a large, plush chair that was pulled up near the hearth.  As she stared into the crackling fire with her piercing, icy blue eyes, her ruby red lips twisted into a smirk.

This woman was truly stunning.  Her long black hair cascaded down her shoulders, spilling across her ample bosom which was clearly displayed with her clingy black dress.  Somehow, her pale white skin, that was in contrast to both her dress and hair, added to her allure.  Her long, finely manicured fingers were indifferently draped around a glass of dark red wine as she sat.

Finally, she stood and stretched.  Her heels clicked slightly as she seemed to slither towards the fire like a black and white snake.  The woman’s entire body seemed to sway with each movement and she exuded pure sex appeal.  But yet there was something about her that not only catches the eye, but strikes terror into the heart.

With a fluid, nonchalant motion, she threw her glass into the fire causing it to shatter and the fire roar with objection.  There was a sudden chorus of random upset animal cries emanating the blackness of the room.  Her smirk grew at the disruption of the unseen animals.

The only visible animal was a wolf that was settled near the fire.  With a whimper he pushed himself up until he was sitting and gave her an inquisitive look.  Absently, she reached down to pat his head, “Soon my pet….soon,” she cooed with a dangerous smile on her face.

The End

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