A Nice Relaxing Bath

Jason hastily pressed the quick release button as Tuck placed his hand on the passenger door. The convertable top sprang up instantly, and Tuck was momentarily stunned. Why on earth would anyone open their roof under a car wash?

But that didn't stop him for long. He yanked the passenger door open and hurled himself inside, slamming the door behind him. He turned to observe Jason.

Jason was outraged. This was the most ridiculous thing that had happened to him all day! Some madman was sitting in his car, the roof was unlatched, and sudsy water flowed freely from the top of the windshield into Jason's lap. He longed to just hit the gas and peel out, but there was a huge mechanical arm stretching across the front of his car. The car would fit under it, yes... but the roof would catch and be horribly disfigured.

Jason stood up and reached for the roof, trying to pull it down and reattach it. But Tuck had already found the button.

Tuck pressed down hard and firm, and the convertable top eased its way up and back, humming its mechanical song as it did what it did best. Inside the car, all hell broke loose.

The End

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