Tuck's Ride

It was five o' clock at night when the car wash finally opened. The only visible change that occured at this fatal moment was that a pale light flickered in the entrance and then went out. After it had gone out however, the car wash remained open. Whether anyone knew it or not, Tuck was ready to recieve visitors.

He was still irritated about the morning's events. But maybe this evening's business would cheer him up. He just knew he was going to have another visitor. And this time, the vehicle would not be pink. He did not like the color pink. When something pink came into his life, it made him act normal, as if he was afraid that the pink thing was judging him. This probably came from the nightmares he'd experienced as a kid, trying to please the girl down the block. She always wore pink. He couldn't be himself when pretty pink things came near.

He was nearly asleep when a set of murky headlights came around the corner of the Leftovers Deli. He knew it was his visitor, and he leapt to his feet like a couch spring, moving quickly to his position amidst the hoses. This would be the car that would set him free. He could feel it in his soggy bones.

Jason was having a rough day. His brand new convertible was covered in mud, only because he'd gotten into a race with that cocky teenager. And besides, the punk had cheated! He'd rollerbladed right into the park, bloody well knowing all along that Jason couldn't exactly follow in his vehicle. If it hadn't been for the community green house, Jason would have driven right into the lake!

But everything was going to be just as 'okay' as a commercial for five step meditation. He'd found a car wash.

As he approached the entrance, he smiled and began to sing along to the song on the radio.

We all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine!

He nudged his vehicle gently into the car wash and sighed as the foam and brushes did their thing and washed away the irritations of the day.

Then he noticed Tuck. The old man had just done a 360 barrel role (with a twist) over an incoming roller and was now making for Jason's vehicle. Jason panicked and fumbled with the unfamiliar controls of his vehicle. Where was the bloody horn? Tuck came closer. Or the rocket launchers for god's sake! Or the eject button...or the...Tuck was at the vehicle now and ready to open the passenger door. His ride had finally arrived.

Then Jason found the quick release for the roof.

The End

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