Cheese and broccoli

The woman in the pink VW Beetle drew up in front of the car wash, left the car, and went to the payment window.  Finding no-one there, she went back to the car and drove it in.

She sat beneath the roof of the car, which itself was beneath the brushes and hoses, which themselves were under the car wash roof, which itself was under the sky, and waited.  And waited. And waited some more. 

She took out a packet of cheese and broccoli sandwiches and began to eat, taking an occasional swig from a bottle of cherryade. 

Tuck came out and peered through the window of the pink car.

''This ain't a restaurant, lady.''

''I didn't think it was.  Can I have my car washed please?  And could I interest you in a sandwich?''

''Don't mind if I do, but I'm closed today so you have to come back.''

She watched him munching on a sandwich, and offered him the cherryade bottle.  He declined.

''When can I come back, old fellow?''

''This afternoon.''  He pulled a carton of milk out of his pocket and took a long draught.

She looked at her watch.  ''It's five after twelve now.''

''Come back after that, then.''  He stalked off and went into the depths of the car wash.

She drove around the block, stopped her car outside the car wash, then went to the payment window.  Tuck came out and looked at the pink car, then went into the booth.

''Help you, lady?''  he asked, a bit of broccoli stuck between two front teeth.

''I'd like a car wash, please.''

''Sorry - it's not for sale.  And anyway, it's closed today.''

She got back in the car and drove away.

Tuck shrugged and drank some more milk.

The End

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