The fabric people's fate

The people In this story are not human. Their skin is made of fabric, their eyes buttons, their insides stuffing. They are each tiny, about the size of a frog. They all live in one, wooden house in an abandoned town, they've lived there for centuries, taking it in turns to be 'chosen' by the only human who lived for miles around. The owner of the fabric superstore...

The fabric people huddled in closer and listened to the tales being told by the oldest one of them. He was navy velvet and had a woolen beard, his button eyes were bright and stood out against the patchyness of his fabric skin. He was talking to the little ones, weaving stories about the human giant, and the beautiful world that awaited them.

"He comes, every year or so. He takes. Sometimes one. Sometimes many! He will smile greatly and welcome us! He cares not about age or gender. He cares not about size or coulor. He takes all! It is a mystery as to where we go, but he promises great happiness!"

The tiny children gathered closer and cheered at the 'great things' awaiting them. They were curious, they wanted to know all of the answers.

"Is he that big?!"

"Does he really take everyone?!"

"Is it really that marvellous?!"

"Where do you go?!"

"Has anyone ever come back?"

The last question was posed by a small fabric girl. she was yellow cotton with orange patches sewn into her. Some called it 'the hideous scarring of a naughty child' She called them 'trophies'.

"No Elizabeta, they have gone to a beautiful new realm! They will-"

"If no-one has ever returned what leads you to believe it's so wonderous?"

The old man's face twisted into a violent new shape.

"If you don't believe me go outside! Go outside and find out yourself!"

The entire company gasped in horror!

"You can't go outside! You forbade it yourself! You warned us of the evils outside! No-one can go outside!"

The old man realized that he was going to lose favour if he was cruel to this young one, but he simply couldn't allow the tribe to start thinking, it wouldn't do him or his master any good...

"Fine! I will go upstairs and consult the sprits! Do not disturb me!"

The man climbed the impossibly tall and thin ladder to the second floor of the dusty building. He knocked on a small window thrice. It opened after 10 seconds, and a huge eye appeared in it.




The blue velvet creature swallowed his fear and spoke up.

"One of the smallest is trying to turn suspicion on the choosing."

He stared at the eye, trembling like a leaf, waiting...

The window snapped shut. And the blue velvet elderly returned, shaking, to the rest of the group.

"Well? What did the great spirits say?!"

Before he had chance to respond The owner of the eye in the window entered the room.

"Hello!" His smiled brightly, his watery blue eyes shining in his pale wrinkled face. The rest of the of the fabric people were in awe.

"It's real! He is huge! Shh! He needs to make his judgement!"

The giant took in the sea of fabric before him. He held out his hand to the girl that had spoken up earlier.

"You." The girl went over and sat in his palm, the rest of them cheered aloud. The old man was relived. But the giant didn't leave yet. He held his hand out to the blue velvet senior.

"And you."

"N-no!" The giant human held out his hand again.

"And you." His voice was cold. Terrified, the elder clambered over onto the man's hand and shivered as he saw the bright button, on the cuff of the giant blue velvet suit....

The End

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