Do you want to know?

The little girls dived under the covers and curled up in a tight ball.  Charlie stood up and strode to the door.

"Fine if you do not want me to tell you how to save yourself then I won't!" Charlie said teasingly.

He faced the door and counted to five.





"Oh, ok please tell me!" She asked politley, sticking her head up and out of the covers, closely resembling a tortoise coming out of its shell. Charlie walkled back to the bed and perched on the end.

" Well these little green people and their intricate little villaegs and cities, often come across this problem. However it is easily solved if you know what to do! Do you know what to do Ashley?" He continued.

"No, Oh please tell me, I like living here!" Ashley replied. Anxiety building in her voice.

"Well first they have to figure out when wash time is going to happen.", He paused to look at Ashley with her big,wide eyes all curled up and sleepy.

"Sometimes they don't make it and their towns are washed away along with them. But, I have heard of one little green man. So brave and courageous that he actually managed to survive."

"Wow!" Ashley gasped before yawning loudly.

The End

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