The Eyes of KreoMature

This is how prophets are born.

I always wondered how things come to be for people.  What happened to them to make them so embittered, outgoing or judgmental?  It's a worldly fact that everyone suffers.  It's also a worldly fact that most people don't recognize the suffering in everyone else.  All I have been trying to do since I became an adult was to give the earth a little bit more love and understanding and cope with my own suffering in a way that I could find meaning in it.  From that perspective, I can understand how I came to be where I am.

Kreolyne, a wonderful sticky black substance, oozed onto my fingers as I pushed it from its brightly colored, pixie stick style wrapping.  The drug was powerful and intoxicating, even if its method of intoxication made people's stomachs churn to watch.  I pulled my right eyelid open wide, spread the syrup over my pupil and pushed it to the sides so it barely brushed my tear ducts.  At this point in absorbing Kreolyne, it is important to not blink, otherwise, you may push it all from your eyes before it has a chance to take effect or you could go permanently blind.  There was a guy I knew who ended up going blind, but he claims it makes his trips even more intense.  Everyone I know is jealous of that even if they don't claim to be.  There is no such thing as having too much Kreo, which makes shortages intense situations around here.

As it took effect in my right eye, I hurriedly applied the same amount to my left.  Sometimes, people wait too long to apply it to their other eye and they end up experiencing the drug in unequal increments, which although unsettling to a beginning user, can be desirable to a longer term Kreo Seer. Taking it that way can highlight the difference between seeing through the eyes of Kreolyne and seeing what your brain normally perceives.   My left eye absorbed it and my trip began in earnest.  The beginning of the experience is the best part.  The user dissociates from emotions so they feel nothing.  Next, the brain pushes forth logical understanding as its primary understanding.  The user knows everything but pathos is unimportant.  This was the stage I was in.  My vision was starting to adjust to this change in my brain.  Most light became dim, but I could see the energy around objects in bright swirls of color.  Even from an unemotional viewpoint this is the most beautiful aspect of Kreo.  Objects lose sentiment apart from the energy that makes them up.  Some professionals who have studied it say that it possibly is the ability to see the paths of electrons that are particularly excited circling around matter.  I'm not sure if this is true, mostly because I've experienced many truths in my life and most of them are conflicting.

I breathed deeply, watching the air enter my lungs in lines of pink and yellow.  This time seemed different than others, the colors were brighter.  As I moved my hands they reverberated the world around me, I could see shadows of gold on objects I had recently touched.  Logically, I was fascinated with this.  Out of the hundreds of times I have done Kreo or been around people doing Kreo, they never spoke of anything quite like this.  Fresh from use, the wrapper that moments ago contained the drug shone gold like it had been touched with the hand of Midas.  When I peered down at my body, gold light breathed from my skin, projecting from my body with each exhale.

Suddenly, the door to my apartment swung open.  This was not abnormal because my home had become something of a safe haven for people experiencing any drug too intensely.  From holding hair as friends vomited in my toilet, to pressing bags of ice over their bodies as they sweated profusely from every pore, I had seen every side effect of what felt like every drug available.  Currently, it was my friend Vlad.  My Kreo eyes took him in as a neon blue electric current simultaneously zapping everything around him and holding an untold amount of energy within.

When his eyes met mine, he stopped and exclaimed, "Whoa man!  Your eyes are fuckin' milky.  Are you trippin'?"

"Yes," the words left my mouth in streams of gold which fell over the floor, dripped though the hardwood and ventured to Vlad.  "It's very strong this time."

"Shit, I was just about to tell you- did you buy that wrap from Ethan?"  His electric blue energy took on hues of red like fireworks around him.

"Of course I bought it from Ethan.  No one else sells the quality I want,” Distantly, I was worried.  Somewhere in the back of my mind warned me this wasn't just a strong dose.  Tampering with Kreo isn't too unusual, but most of the time it's not serious- it just changes the feeling minutely.

"God Zeke that stuff is making people blind.  Some chemist was experimenting with it or something and fucked it up.  Are you feeling okay?  How much did you take?"  More fireworks crackled around him, making it difficult for me to focus on what he was saying.

"I'm fine.  Relax.  If anyone can handle it, you know I can.  Besides, maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing to be blind.  Maybe Kreo is the only way to see the world for what it really is.  Maybe without it, we're all actually blind to the truth.  Right now, I see the truth like never before.  Everything around you is beautiful, Vlad.  Do you want to try it?"

"No!  I'm telling you, and you're not going to get this because you're so fucked up, man, but this stuff convinces you to go blind or some shit like that.  Just happened to Jessica.  I saw it and it wasn't pretty.  There're so many people who need you to see with your actual eyes! You're the damn doctor around here.  We need you.  I came to get you to not take it but it looks like we're fucked on that account."

"Your fireworks are very distracting," my voice sounded dazed even to me.  "Please, tone them down."

"What are you talking about?  I can't control what you see," he waved his hand, which appeared a translucent purple in front of my face.  I moved to grab it, more out of confusion than frustration, but as I did this, his purple hand turned gold. The color melted through his body creating the same golden aura around him that was around me.  Through this, I could see his breathing-- his life force, prana as the yogis call it-- projecting with every exhale, bringing life in with every inhale.  For a moment, I believed myself to be God.  I could easily impact and control everything and every being around me.  I could imbue them with my golden life force.

In an instance of perfect clarity, I knew that I had to do exactly what Vlad was warning me against.  If only he could's not worth it to see if it can't be like this.  It's not worth it to ignore this beautiful, majestic truth.  It was all floating, choking, laughing, swirling with pent up energy and it was entirely ineffable.

I realized I hadn't moved from the spot I had been in, other than to reach out to him, since Vlad came through the door.  As I attempted to move, the world was sluggish; energy spun faster, tripping me with its insatiable force until I was laying on the ground unable to do anything but watch my consciousness surrender to the Kreolyne.

Vlad walked over to me, I heard him rather than saw him move.  His electric blue energy with its red fireworks had become a part of the complete whole of existence which was inseparable from everything else around me.  I felt his hand over my face, lifting my eyelids that I hadn't realized were closed.

"Oh, God, Zeke...I don't- you're blind.  You're fucking blind.  Your eyes look like Jessica's; they're practically grey.  Your pupils are huge.  Shit, what do I do?  You're the doctor!  What do I do?!"

The funny thing was, I could still see. Colors were still available to me, even if they didn't make sense.  I responded to Vlad, calmly and securely, "It's okay.  You don't have to do anything.  I can see everything so clearly now.  I'm not blind.  I have just started seeing."

The End

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