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The Witching Hour. The one time in which Arin could run and do as he pleased, the one time in which he didn't have to worry about what The Storm thought, or what he'd always been told. The truth was, he had always been fascinated by the Placare, especially the Insurgents. It felt strange to find someone normal with the ability to feel as he did, to manipulate matter as he did.

“Cub, it’s time to go.” Arin nodded absentmindedly as he got up and stretched, in the Storm he looked like all of the people who lived within the centre, but as soon as he left. There wasn’t much humanity to him, it fascinated him how his body would change, but no one knew why, and no one deemed it necessary to question. Oh, he knew the looks he received from the Elders were not without their malice but he was an inquisitive child, always had been.

“You ready to go out again?” Arin turned to face the only one who understood him; Aleka smiled and nudged his shoulder with hers. They’d met the last time they had gone out, she’d been cornered by some of the older Parapetto in the centre world, as one of the last females of their kind it seemed as if everyone wanted her as theirs. She’d fought, but it hadn’t been enough until he had arrived, they’d fought of her attackers together and ran through the night as friends, nothing more. They were still too young to settle down, still too young to even think of creating more of their kind, more protectors of the Eye of the Storm.

“Ready as I will ever be.” He looked off to the right, behind her and frowned, more of the fighters of their race were coming this time, and it seemed something big was happening.

“We have located an Insurgent.” Arin sighed, all he wanted to do was run with all the freedom that it gave him; he felt Aleka shift beside him and looked at her, and she looked worried. As the Elder droned on her turned to her and tilted his head.

“I may, or may not have let them know about it.” He frowned, “I found a strange house the last time I was there and mentioned it to my baby brother.” He rolled his eyes, her ‘baby’ brother was a kiss arse, he was also one hundred years older than they were and a lot more immature.

“I need not tell you that it is kill on sight.” The Elder glared, “Now go, The Witching Hour has begun!” As one, Arin and Aleka stepped up to, and through the portal that would take them to the inner world.

“We need to get to that house before everyone else.” Arin growled, for that was the only communication he had while in the inner world, Aleka nodded and took off at a fast pace towards the southern fields. He’d never travelled this way, preferring to stick to the villages of the north and east, as that was where a small lake was.

“It’s just around here. Arin stop!” Arin skidded to a halt and had to flatten himself against the ground as a projectile went flying over his head. “They have defences, it was one of the reasons that I took note.” Arin crawled on his belly to the spot where Aleka had sat and stared at the house, innocently sat in the middle of the field.

“Is that how you injured your hand?” He asked and she nodded her wolf like head, he growled and sunk to lie down. They would not be able to get to the house without knowing all of the traps and so they would have to observe until they knew the pattern of the traps and could safely reach the house. 

The End

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