Chapter V - Welcome to The Family

The walk to wherever the siblings were taking her wasn’t a quiet one.

“I heard I was the only niece of Augustus,” she said conversationally, craning her neck to glance at Kendawyr, who flanked her left side. Threnia stood on her right.

“You heard correctly,” Threnia said, an air of annoyance surrounding her voice. “You are Lord DeVaine’s only niece. Like he told you before, Kendawyr and I are from a distant line that only happens to have the same last name. If anything, we’re his cousins and your second cousins.”

The shortest redhead ignored the way she stressed Augustus’ title, firing more questions at the pair. “Did you guys grow up human like me? Or did you grow up on…the planet?”

“The planet, is Acaer, Adelina. It will do you a lot of good to at least remember who we are and where we come from, human-bred or not,” Threnia responded once again, stopping as she came to a set of double doors and pushed them forward.

“Still didn’t answer my question,” Adelina muttered, walking through the doorway indignantly.

“Yes, we grew up on Acaer,” Kendawyr responded, speaking for the first time. His voice suited his appearance: it was rough and gravely, and it hinted at a man who no one wanted to see angry. “We were six when we moved here, although we go back once a year –“

“Yes, let’s tell her our life story, why don’t we?” Threnia hissed, her eyes blazing in anger.

Kendawyr glared at the taller female, before grunting and turning around to shut the doors. Adelina blinked at her two angry cousins, then shrugged. Not all siblings got along fabulously like Elizabeth and Kevin did – that is, if they actually were siblings after all she had found out.

Her brow furrowed, irritated at the thought that the object of her long time unrequited affections might have been a part of this ruse that was her life, or even worse, that he had no idea about all of this and she would never see him again. She didn’t know what could be worse: him breaking her trust, or her never seeing him again.

The auburn-head sighed despondently, then focused back on the siblings. They were whispering to each other, Threnia gesturing maniacally and Kendawyr nodded emphatically back at his sister. They weren’t speaking English, rather a smooth flowing language that made them sound like they were singing rather than talking.

Adelina ignored them as her eyes moved across the large room they had entered. It looked like a mix between a classroom and an office. There were a few student desks (Adelina counted at least ten) lines up in two rows. Strangely, they all faced the large blank wall at the back of the room. Her eyebrow rose at the strange sight, but pegged it off as a weird alien thing. Closer to the doors she had entered were two large office desks, complete with large corporate-looking swivel chairs tucked behind them.

Grinning slyly, she skipped over to one of the desks and jumped into the chair, putting her feet up on the table, and grabbed the folder closest to her. It was labelled “VOLK, GWENYTH MINNE”. She glanced at her cousins. They were still heatedly discussing something and seemed to have completely forgotten about her. Shrugging, she opened the thick manila folder. A small picture of a strawberry blonde with bright hazel eyes and a cheery grin fell out of the folder. Everything else was stapled or paper clipped to folder to prevent them from falling out.

Humming thoughtfully to herself, she set the picture on the table next to her foot, and flipped through the papers. A copy of a birth certificate, an entry pass from Lincliff, Acaer to New York, United States, Earth, a Volk family tree with her immediate family highlighted…these guys sure went into detail in these folders.

Adelina’s flipping paused when she reached a page titled “STATS, AS OF 07/01/2013”

Date of Birth: March 1, 1993

Bloodline: Full-fledgling

Breeding: Acaer

Height: 5’3 ft.

Weight: 119 kg

Feeding: A-

Speed: A

Agility: B+

Strength: C-

Missions: Five taken: 3 successes, 1 failure (life-threatening conditions), 1 ongoing –

Before Adelina could read any more, the folder was snatched from her hands and she was looking up at a furious Threnia.

She chuckled sheepishly, then said, “Oh, you two are done talking already? You seemed really busy, I I figured I would let you two talk and just, you know, wait –“

“Get. Your. Feet. Off. My. Desk,” The taller girl hissed, her blue eyes blazing in anger.

Ignoring the obviously pissed off girl, Adelina turned to Kendawyr, who stood behind his sister, his eyes glittering with amusement. Obnoxiously, she began to twirl one of her curls, stating pompously, “Geez, I don’t think I heard a please in that statement, did you, Ken –?”

The swivel chair lurched backward, throwing her off balance and bucked hard enough to send her flying out of it. She landed on her back, seeing stars.

“Threnia,” Kendawyr’s deep voice floated to her as she gasped in pain. “I doubt that was actually necessary.”

She heard a harrumph, and footsteps approached her.

“How many fingers am I holding up, Adelina?” Threnia asked, shoving her hand in the shorter redhead’s face.

“Twelve, possibly twenty?” she answered dazedly.

Threnia rolled her eyes and pulled her on her feetwith a hand. “She’ll be fine, I doubt that toss actually did much to her. I’m going to head for the library, you start up on teaching her, alright?”

Without waiting for a response from Kendawyr, she shoved Adelina into his arms and strode out of the room. Not taking to being tossed around, Adelina scowled at her retreating back.

“Sorry,” Kendawyr apologized for his sister, “She’s not much of a social person, and when she’s nervous she gets well…rude.”

Her eyebrow rose in surprise. “That was nervous?” she asked sardonically. “I don’t think I want to know what rude is like.”

The male chuckled, letting her out of his arms and walking to the other desk, which Adelina presumed to be his.

With a wave of his hand, the closest student desk rotated to face his desk. With a gesture of his hand, he indicated that she was meant to take a seat in it.

“So is that an alien thing? The telekinesis?” she asked as she gracefully sat down.

“More or less,” he replied as he pulled out several heavy tomes from his desk’s drawers. “Every Acaerian family has their unique perks from feeding. Ours, for example, is telekinesis. The Celaswens are telepaths.”

“Huh.” She was silent for a moment before asking, “So if Augustus and Barbie the First have a kid, what exactly would they be able to do?”

Kendawyr gave her a wide grin at the Barbie comment, but responded, “It depends. The kid would have the innate ability to do both, but they might choose to develop just one. It takes decades to master our abilities.”

Adelina nodded, indicating she understood what was being thrown at her. Her mind flashed back her last meeting with her mother, and she hesitated before asking another question, “Why…why is feeding so violent?” Her throat seemed to close up on her, and she struggled before continuing. “Why did she…” Her voice trailed off, and she stared at Kendawyr with expressive blue eyes.

Kendawyr gave her a sympathetic look, but nevertheless responded. “It’s not uncommon for fledglings that haven’t been prepared, or are not emotionally stable to feed off someone to the point of death. If they aren’t prepared for their Awakening, when the hunger hits they lash out at every essence source around them and drain them dry. If they aren’t emotionally stable, and their Awakening is forced by a situation…well, you know what happens.”

She stared him for a long moment, before breaking eye contact and staring at her hands. These hands…they were so similar to her mother’s. She remembered just last week, any thoughts about her absentee mother were surrounded with anger and her deep sense of hatred. Now…how could she even look at the mirror without thinking, “This is the face of someone who murdered the one who gave birth to them”?

Kendawyr tsked, then strode over to her, crouching down and grabbing her hands in his massive ones. “It wasn’t your fault,” he said, his rough voice taking a soft tone. “Things should been very different for you. Rosalina DeVaine, she tried so hard to keep you hidden from her brother’s sight that she forgot that you were Acaerian, if only half.”

Adelina blinked, then scowled heavily at him. Wrenching her hands from his grasp, she said angrily, “So what, it was her own fault that she had this tyrannical jerk-face brother who wanted her to be a real life Rapunzel? It’s her fault that she wanted to live a regular life without some stupid Rift breathing down her throat? And it’s her fault that she wanted her kid to live a normal life?”

He appeared startled at her sudden ferocity, but quickly recovered. “No! Adelina, that isn’t what I mean at all. What I’m trying to say is –“

“It doesn’t matter. What I’m trying to say is that I killed someone. I killed my own mother. Because of this – this crazy alien place! Because of some ridiculous sci-fi garbage! How can you even look me in the eye and tell me that I’m a victim of my circumstance? How can you –“

“I can. I can, because I killed my own mother.”

The End

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