The Extinguished Flame

The fire has stopped burning and darkness has overtaken the land.

A darkness has fallen over the land, depression fills the air, making it heavy and hard to breathe. The dreams of a savior coming to the rescue are fading as the last of the generation who have even know happiness die away. There is no escape, once the flame was extinguished, it could never burn again. The only warmth anyone knows is that of blood pouring out of the dying. The young try to escape the darkness by stopping their heart, discarding their material bodies. The darkness cannot be outrun, these souls have signed up for an endless darkness, a place in which all senses are useless. Continue to live, continue to feel. Pain is better than nothingness, pain keeps you in touch with reality. I suffer through this desolate world holding on to the last of my sanity. I don't want to let it go. I don't want to slip into nothingness, please don't let me slip away.

The End

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