The Next Chapter

Congratulations you've made it to the next chapter, I hope you feel proud of yourself. Now because this young lady isn't from a book fifty shades off a character who can't correctly spell a particular colour, there is a simple explanation as to why she is in the forest. She is off to visit her Grandma who lives in a secluded rural area away from busy village life. Marketed as having a traditional thatched roof and a cosy interior for only all your life's savings and a cup of tea, once Maggie's Grandma had moved in she never left again. After all, after spending all that you'd want to make the most out of it right.

Mildred hadn't seen her Grandma in over 3 months and she was starting to get worried. However trailing in to the darkened wood to visit an elderly relative was all too close to a children's tale for Mildred's liking. She was a bright young lady who'd listened to all the tales that were told around the fire growing up about how shiny men on horses killed dragons and the like. After making sure to avoid donning anything even resembling red and deciding not to take a basket of any description, Mildred said goodbye to her parents and set off along the beaten track to her Grandma's, a quiet place in the country.

Along the journey the beaten track got thinner and thinner and the trees started to close in. Our Molly though wasn't the least bit scared, our Molly has confidence and was even humming a tune. You know, one of those you simply can't get out of your head no matter how hard you try, the trick of course is to stop trying but trying to stop trying is one of the hardest things known to man. In this case it was a tune entitled "I've got no wings to lift my hair". Nobody knew where the tune had come from but once you caught it you couldn't stop humming it.

The problem though with humming is that you can't hear anything else going on around you and unfortunately for Molly, there was something going on around her. Something prowling in the undergrowth watching her as she made her way further in to the wood.

The End

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