An Introduction of Sorts

A self aware parody tale that speaks to the reader directly.

Our tale, dear readers, begins in a land and time not unlike what you would call Great Britain in a century that was previous to this one. I know, don't you just love it when stories are so... non-committal. 

We start in one of the deeper parts of a forest just along the border of Hampshire and Dorset where we find a woman that goes by the name of Maggie, or Mildred, or indeed Molly depending how she felt about the person she was talking to. She one though that it would be better to be known simple as "MMM" but then again nobody likes the sound of someone else humming. Now you may ask why does this particular story have a character that already goes by three names. That's surely a recipe for confusion and disaster. That is the idea. You see Maggie, Mildred and Molly didn't want to be known as one person everywhere, after all what's the fun in that? Confusion is king and the King ruling over that land was very much confused. More of that to come. 

Ok so you've introduced us to this character who goes by three names just to confuse everyone but you haven't yet told us what she looks like I hear you saying with a tone that is far from impressed. Well the reason for that is that no one really knows as this has not as yet turned into visual art. There are no plays. There are no TV or film adaptations so you'll just have to use you're imaginations. I will however tell you that Maggie has long flowing auburn hair down to her waist. Mildred has a comparatively small nose, which she was always embarrassed of as a child, and a pale complection courtesy of her parents who grew up in the far north. Finally, you would normally find Molly dressed in what can only be described as clothes. A brownish robe that was nothing much to speak of, hooded and tied with a rope entwined with flower from the forest. Hitting 20 years of age had not landed he with pots of wealth. I think that is enough for your imagination to be going on with don't you?

So what is our young lady doing in the deep dark forest. Wait and find out in the next chapter...

The End

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