Chapter 4- Masks

Ok so I finally got out of the annoying safetly belt, to only find out, painfully might I add, that my leg was broken. Joy 'o' Joy.
I felt the boy next to stir, he sat up groggily and spat out a load of blood. Eww.

''What happened?'' He said blinking agains the blinding rays of sunlight streaming down through the roofless plane.

''Well to start you made us stay on a crashing airplane, and now we're stuck on... on this freaking deserted island, and now my leg is broken and you're coughing up blood!!'' My voice graudually got louder and louder, and my speech faster and faster. I breather deeply, trying to push down the sicking rise of panic clawing it's way up my throat. The boy looked at my leg and turned away, having an almost greenish look on his face.

''I'll go see if I can find help.''

His seat belt decided to be nicer to him and he jumped out of his seat and clambered over the ones in front, looking like a spider monkey. He paused ontop of one of the seats and looked back at me, noticably avioding looking at my broken leg.

''I'm sorry'' I could tell he meant it, he turned and left me stranded there. Oh how great for me.
For a while I just stared at the spot he had been, willing him to come back and not leave me on my own, but soon the pain in my leg brought me back to earth. Before I even comprehended what I was doing I looked down at my leg, a few seconds later I blacked out.


Ok so if you haven't guessed by now, I'm not good with blood.
My leg had twisted metal embedded in the tendons and bits of white bone where sticking out, as well as loads of blood. Plus I didn't even know that my leg could bend like that! It was completely smashed, I think the chair in front smashed it.
Now be honest and tell me that you wouldn't faint from that, and of course all that has happened to me, and if your answer was no, you wouldn't faint. Well then buddy, you're weirder then me!


Next thing I knew, someone was lifting me out of my chair but the black haze came back and enfulged me.
I saw masks in the haze, one was golden, and then I saw a pitch black wing and a snow white one close around me, as if to hug me and protect me.

I fell...


The End

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