Chapter 3- Deserted Island- Volcano

Proto type 18562P-P-SW-

"Our guests have landed would you like me to get them?"

The thing that said this was lurking in the depths of the shadows in the metal room, the only thing visible was it's white mask the covered it's face.
Scientist's in white lad coats where all crowded around a glass container centered in the middle of the room under a glaring lamp that casted wicked looking shadows across the room. Inside the glass container was, well what looked like a metal spider the other thing thought to itself, the other thing (Or number 18562P-P-SW as it was regesterd with) was just standing there not moving a muscle for it didn't need to breath, that often anyway, so slowly, ever so slowly it's chest (Maybe, could be something else) would rise and fall.
All eyes where on the table, some were taking notes others just frowned looking at the metal spider trapped within.
Suddenly the metal spider leapped forward and looked as if it was about to break the glass when it stopped in mid jump and just blew up. Nothing caused it to blow up, it just stopped and hung there as if in suspended animation, legs twicting, it's body vibrated a milisecond before and then boom!

18562P-P-SW just stood there, but to any living being they would have jumped like the scientists did as they tried to hide their fright by taking a step back as if to check one of the many macheins behind them the let out a steady bleep. All emotions had been disabled from 18562P-P-SW's system.
One of the scientists who tried to look like they hadn't flinched turned around, clipboard in hand pen hovering over the page as if he was trying to decide weather to write something or not, and said,

"Hmm... They've landed then. Lets see 38561P-P---sW."

Another thing stepped out of the gloom of the shadows that surrounded the scientists. This one was wearing a white mask as well and had a black suite on with a black top hat and the jacket of the suite was a long tailed one, the only perculiar thing about it was the leopards tail that protruded from under his long tailed coat, as well as the leopard's ears, feet and hands.
The thing bowed until his top hat almost touched the floor.

"The footage of the crash an-n-n-d-d th-h-hh..."
The thing's body began to vibrate, head and arms twitching as it stuttered.

"Great there goes another one, take it to sector 10 and have it decommissioned and get another one made"
The scientist who asked for the footage huffed, turning away from the now crumpled thing on the floor that lay twitching.

"Sir, we're running out of bodies"
One of the other scientist said, this time a woman with rose coloured cheeks and brown mousy hair that was tied back into a ponytail and wearing cliche geek glasses of stocky black frame, she was the doctor and the adapter, looking at the still twitching thing on the floor.

The scientist who said for the thing to be decomissioned, now stading within range of the lamps glow so that it could be seen that he had wispy grey hair and simple metal glasses that hung way down on his crooked nose his lips pursed together and eyes that where grey and showed no feeling.
"You know what you have to do, same as 1956!"

Another thing stepped out but it wasn't a mistake like the other ones, the mistakes only lasted for about 7 years then die but this thing had lived for more than hundred years and was originally project Nightmare. 18562P-P-SW wasn't a mistake either for he has lived longer, almost 8 years now, but the scientist where just waiting for him to fail.

Nightwing wore the same black suite but with gold gloves, that replaced the standard white ones, the gold gloves had holes in the knuckels for where his claws came out. He wore a silver mask that covered half his face and the uncovered half had a black eye and black lips with an almost beautiful appeal to it, he also wore the standard top hat, however, as for his body he had leapod legs, bat ears protruding from his hat, a lions tail and wings stiched onto his back, one black as night like a vultured and one pure white as snow like and angels.

"Yessss... of coursessss... Massster...."
He said it like a snake hissing and flicked out his snake tongue, which was black and shiny, he also showed his glistering fangs with vemon dripping from them.

"But sir 1956 caused a mass of suspicions that shone onto our research, surely they are keeping track of the numbers..."
The scientist who had spoken, with blonde hair and looked like a surfer dude with, didn't have time to finish before another scientist, this time chinease with jet black hair slicked back with massive amounts of hair gel, interrupted him.

"But what if we could do it so they couldn't tell?"

"What do you mean Lee?"
The scientist, who must be the head scientist, with the wispy grey hair adressed him,

"Well think about it, we know the test was a sucess, and we have four living subjects left. So what if we could improve the Nuclear Mestromo's lowest level so that none of the subjects die, then we'll have 200 or so bodies to experiement on and they'd be none the wiser."

Lee explained as he suddenly took a great intrest in studying the molten lump of metal that used to be the spider, he poked it with the end of his pencil and one of the mechanical legs twitched.

The head scientist, paused to consider this. Pushing up his glasses so that they would only fall down again he said,

"Yes...Yes, that could work. What do you think, Master Mestromo?"

They all knew Master Mestromo was listening, their was a crackel of over head speakers before a voice finally answered,

"Yes. Fix the device and do it! But first get the four survivors from the plane crash, and make them feel... 'welcomed'..."

The crackling stopped as Master Mestromo turned off, the head scientist of sector Z turned around and exclaimed,

"Well? You have your orders! You two and Lee get to work on the Nuclear Mestromo and 18562P-P-SW, would you collect our guests, alive but with any means necessary."

The head scientist said with a pointed look. Turning to stride away with Nightwing in step with him, he stated,

"As for myself and Nightwing, we shall prepare for the collection process."

And with that he strode out of the room, hands tucked behind his back, flood lights turning on before him with an audible click, walking through the metal doors that slammed after him. 

The End

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