Chapter 2-Peanuts? Anyone?...

At this point in time I sould have been going off the deep end; for goodness sake we were crashing! Yet I had to see if the boy sitting next to me was really dead. I leaned over, the seat belt dug into my ribs so that it restricted me, and carefully shook the boys shoulder. The eyeball beneath his eye lids moved, then his eyes flickered open and the boy woke with a jolt. He shot out of his seat, the belt tightening around his waist.

"OW! For the love of Christ!"

He hit his head on the over head compartment, plonked back down and started rubbing the growing bump on his head.

"Hey is the plane cold or is it just me?"

He shouted, directing the question at me. I peered at him thinking that it was kind of obvious since there was a gaping hole where the cockpit should have been (we were towards the back, but some chairs in front had gotten blow apart and left only burning material) and also the fact that he had to shout!

"Um... How can I put it, YEAH!! We've got a freaking hole in the plane!!"
I yelled panic rising in the back of my throat. And you'll never guess what he said!

Beaming at me with a ridiculous smile,


And as if this answered my question... NOT!

"Hey do you have any nuts?

"You're NUTZ! We should be trying to get out of here, we're about to crash!"
What's wrong with this boy?

"Trust me it's safer in here then out there. I'm sure of it..."

I hardly heard the last bit for he talked normally and the wind nearlly ripped it from his mouth.

Why should I trust him you ask? Why don't I just leave? 
Well if you haven't realized, I'M STUCK IN THIS STUPID CHAIR AND 'MR. CALM AND COLLECTIVE' HERE ISN'T GOING TO HELP!! So really I haven't got a choice. That answer your question?
Why do I even bother, you say? Why don't I scream for help? (You guys are so predictable)
No. 1- I DON'T scream
No.2- No one cares about me, I'm travelling all by my lonesome...
And I left the strangest, and some might say I'm crazy (and I do know who you are) for last
No.3- I somehow trust him, like I've met him before.

So I just sat there gripping the edge of the seat until my knuckles turned white, and the next thing I know,



Then impact. I fell forward with the momentom and hit my head on the fold up tray on the seat infront, and boy does it hurt!
NOTE TO SELF: Tell the 'Big Cheese' of this so called Best aircraft, totally safe. To get trays that fold out of the arm!
I looked up and the starteling moon (Since the roof had torn off like a sardine tin box) and you'll never guess what? (This is what you would expect to find in one of those cheesy old films apart from it was real!) We were on a Bloody DESERTED ISLAND!!
Although it wasn't completely deserted, as I realized Some thing was on top of... What is it?... A VOLCANO!!
Breath... breath, ok so that 'thing' was being reflected in the moonlight.
It looked like one of those observatories but with a kind of Frank-Einsteiney-Ring to it (Don't ask if that's a real word, but my laptop's taking it so there!)
I know I don't want to go there ant time soon!

But first and most importantly I have to get out of this (insert word) Safety belt. See the thing is, with safety belts, they keep you from being blown out of a plane, but then you can never get out of it!

The End

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