The girl ran to the edge, looked down and jumped forward. The wind wipped around her face as the ground came closer and closer... 150ft... 125 ft... 100ft- She snapped open her wings letting the wind catch in them and jolt her upwards, she let out a little gasp as the wind got pulled out of her she shot upwards. One of the Mistakes took out a gun and shot. The bullet found its mark then...

Sky woke with a jolt realizing the plane had started to tip wildly. Everyone was screaming, clawing their way out of their seats with wild looks in their eyes. Sky rubbed the remains of sleep trying to posses her from her eyes, she looked around and saw to her horror that the boy who had been sitting next to her, had blood coming out of his nose and was knocked out, the blood was slowly dripping down his chin causing the pure white shirt he was wearing to become stained.
Sleep was still trying to posses her as Sky realized that the plane had a big gaping hole in the middle of it; she saw the night sky and millions of stars, thinking that this would be her last look at life.

The hole had bits of wire flying around still alive with electricity, Sky saw a man with brown hair who had been before her in check in get struck by a 10cm thick cable still alive with electricity and fall out of the hole to disapear in the expanse below. The hole itself was acting like a black hole sucking people (who didn't have seat belts on may I add) into the pitless darkness of the night sky. More importantly they were losing altitude... Fast!

Panic finally caught up with Sky as she scrambled to undo her seat belt, but it was stuck fast. She looked up quickly, adrenaline pumping through her veins trying to get someone to help her, but no-one was looking as they clawed forward, grabbing Parachutes lined in the over head compartments, screaming their heads off. Except for that boy sitting next to her, Was he really dead?...

The End

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