Hayley screamed, seeing what was in the bush. Pierce automatically pushed her behind him, his instincts telling him to be careful.

     All of a sudden, Hayley shrieked again, but before Pierce could turn around to see what was happening, he was knocked unconcious.

     Hayley woke up in what looked like a jail cell in the middle of what she processed as a scientific lab. She groggily dragged herself to the side where she could see Pierce in a different cell beside hers.

     "Pierce." She half called, half whispered. "Pierce!"

     Seeing Pierce slowly sit himself up and lean against the bars relieved Hayley. She sighed and reached out to him. Pierce did the same, and held her hand reassuringly. Hearing a door click open, they both jerked their heads to the cause of the sound.

     A tall man with round-rimmed spectacles, shoulder-length white hair, and a white lab coat strolled up to the cages. He pulled a syringe out of his pocket and grasped Hayley's arm, pulling her hand out of Pierce's. Hayley yelped as the man jabbed her with the needle and injected her with something. He pulled it out and tossed it into a garbage can they hadn't noticed before. He pulled out another needle and grabbed Pierce's arm from in the cage and did the same as he did with Hayley.

     The man made a mistake, however, by injecting Pierce inside the cage. Pierce grabbed the man's arm and pulled him until his face hit the bars. The man grunted and Hayley whimpered, rubbing her arm, looking around.  Pierce reached out to the man's face and turned it so he was looking at him.

     "Where are we and why did you bring us here?" Pierce shouted into the man's face. That's when Hayley remembered what had happened. This was the man she had seen in the window. It was also the man who had knocked her and her brother unconcious.

     "Pierce! It's him! He's the one from the window and my vision! He's not bad!"

     Pierce immediately let go, watching the man fall to the floor. The man cowered against the bars of Hayley's cage, breathing heavily and clutching his chest.

     "My Lord!" He exclaimed, readjusting his glasses. "I just wanted to help you. The police are looking for you everywhere!"

     Pierce flinched. "What?"

     The man nodded and threw out the syringe used on Pierce.

     "You are Pierce and Hayley Black, no? It's all over the news now. They know you left the country."

     "What? We left the country?" Hayley shrieked, now in hysterics.  The man nodded and opened Hayley's cage. He ducked and entered the cage. He handcuffed Hayley's wrist, causing her to utter a short "huh?". He then proceeded to handcuff her to himself. He did the same with Pierce without another word  and led them out the door and down the hallway, the two young adults looking around wildly.

     He uncuffed them and pushed them into a small room with walls covered in what looked like the nozzles of a jet tub.

     "What's going on here?"

     The man entered the room beside the one the siblings were in and looked through the west-side wall that was completely glass. He pulled a lever on the counter covered with buttons and watched as the nozzles began to spray some kind of blue smoke. Pierce and Hayley coughed, and leaned against each other, slowly sinking to the floor. They lay down side by side and passed out, not to wake up for a long while. But when they did wake up, they found they had new telepathic powers, far beyond the human mind's capacity to withhold.

The End

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