Silent Moments

     Sitting in the waiting room for hours was torture. By the time Hayley got called in, Pierce had fallen asleep.

     While Dr. Clayton examined where Hayley had been scratching again, Pierce examined the many medals and certificates Dr. Clayton had hanging on the walls of his office.

     "Well, looks like just a regular rash to me. It seems a little more serious than the usual kind, though, so I'll write you up a perscription for a medicated kind of cream. Put it on the spot twice daily for this week, then come in next Monday morning and we'll see how it turns out." He ripped the perscription off the pad and handed it to Hayley. Both the doctor and Hayley turned when they heard a slight *Crack*.

     "Oops..." Pierce said smiling guiltily, holding a small bobble head body in one hand and the head in the other.  Dr. Clayton sighed, took the two pieces from Pierce, and opened the door for them, shaking his head.

     Driving down the highway, Hayley was in the middle of lecturing Pierce on what to touch and what not to, Pierce rolling his eyes. Right when she was at the climax of the 'Discussion', Pierce turned up the music, smiling devillishly. Hayley cried out, exasperated and turned to the window. She started bumping her head against it, just enough for it to hurt, but without enough force to cause damage. Pierce laughed his musical laugh.

     That night, gently rubbing the cream into Hayley's leg, Pierce watched the news for any information on tornadoes. They'd been getting warnings for their area for a week, but still, nothing had happened yet. Hayley yawned and Pierce checked the clock. 9:30 pm.

     "You're tired? Seriously? But we were supposed to get ready for the party!"

     Hayley finished her yawn and glared at Pierce.

     "I didn't say anything. I yawned, Pierce." Then to herself, "God, you're so paranoid!"

     Pierce finished with the cream and Hayley took it off the coffee table and headed to her room to get dressed. Throwing clothes from her walk-in closet to the bed, Hayley was hysterical to find 'The perfect outfit'.

     Finally finding something she liked, Hayley threw on a pair of light blue jean capris and a lilac tube top. She grabbed her thick-heeled, 2-inch sandals and put them by the front door on her way to the bathroom. She pulled her hair back into a ponytail and clipped her bangs to side and began washing her face. She applied her makeup, and put her hair down, combing her bangs to the side and putting in a bobby pin.

     "There." She said to herself, satisfied. Pierce walked into the bathroom and pushed Hayley out. "Hey! Who said I was finished in there!?"

     "I did." Pierce said, closing the door, laughing.

     After his shower, Pierce toweled off and pulled on his pants. Out of nowhere, Hayley screamed. Pierce pulled up his fly and raced out of the bathroom to see what was wrong.

     Hayley was curled up in the corner of the couch, staring at the window. Pierce shook her and looked in her eyes, trying to get her to look at him.

     "Hayley. Hayley. HAYLEY!" He practically yelled. "What's wrong?" He asked, finally getting her attention.

     "There was something outside by the window. It looked like a person but I didn't know for sure. It scared the crap out of me, Pierce!" With that, Hayley started to cry. Pierce gave her a quick hug and went to the kitchen cabinets. He rummaged around in the drawers. Finding what he wanted, he headed back to the living room. He drew the blinds and showed Hayley the flashlight he was carrying.

     "I'm going out there to see what's going on. Are you coming with me or staying here?" She immediately latched onto Pierce's arm. "I'll take that as you're coming with me, then..." They left the house, Hayley shivering violently.

     "Hey! Who's out here!?" Pierce shouted, flicking on the light. He shined it on a shrub at the corner of the house just as it rustled. Hayley's eyes widened. "Who are you and what do you want?" By now, even Pierce was a little scared. "H-Hello?"

The End

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