The Experiments Are Hunted

Pierce and Hayley Black are half-siblings who are in trouble after their parents get into an accident. Pierce Black is 20 years old, 6ft tall, with ice blue eyes and chestnut hair. Hayley Black is 19 years old, 5ft 8' tall, with hazel eyes and light brown hair. Pierce is extroverted and bold but can be loud and is scared of the dark, whereas his twin sister, Hayley, is ambitious and dependable but can be nagging and is claustrophobic.


     Pierce Black woke up to the sound of humming and sizzling, popping bacon. He slid his feet out of the king-sized bed, pulled the navy blue comforter off his legs, and shuffled to the bathroom across the hall. He turned the dial in the orange-tiled shower, stripped, and hopped in. He washed and got out. While he was getting dressed, his sister, Hayley, was setting the small table for four people, though only two were in the house.

     Pierce spiked up his blowdried chestnut hair, put contacts in his ice blue eyes, and went into the kitchen just as Hayley was putting eggs onto his plate.

     As Pierce ate, he examined his younger sister. She looked tired to him. Her normally shiny, beautiful light brown hair was dull, her hazel eyes were sleepy, and she was pale as a ghost. He noticed that when she sat at the table, she was slow. Too slow.

     Hayley always took her time to eat, but he was sure something was wrong, as she always took alot of food, not caring what people thought about her and her appetite. This time, though, she barely ate a crumb, She had half an egg, two pieces of bacon, and a sip of orange juice.

     "Are you okay, Hail?" He asked. Hail was Hayley's nickname. "I mean, you look... I dunno... Sick, or something."

     "No. I'm fine. Really." Hayley looked really bad. She looked as if she was falling asleep at the table.

     "Tell me the truth. I heard you scream in the middle of the night, but I just thought you had a nightmare. What happened?" Pierce was genuinely concerned for his sister.

     "I know what you're thinking and yes, I did have a... Nightmare... But..."

     "But it wasn't exactly a nightmare, was it?" Pierce asked, and when Hayley lowered her head in shame, he sighed. "It was another... Vision, wasn't it?"

     Hayley just lowered her head a little more. "Uh-huh." She mumbled.

     Pierce sighed.

     "You know you're supposed to tell me when something like that happens. You know that, Hayley."

     "I just... I couldn't tell you what happened in the vision no matter what, so I just thought that if I didn't tell you, you wouldn't notice." She said, yawning.

     "You know I would've found out sooner or later. They always leave you half dead, Hayley!"

     "Yeah, yeah..." Hayley said, making the talking gesture with her hand. "You talk too much, you know that?"

      After breakfast, they sat on the couch, watching TV, talking about work. In the middle of their conversation, Hayley stopped and quickly scratched her leg. Pierce noticed, but dismissed it as just being itchy. He thought nothing of it. The itching got progressively worse as the day dragged on, but Pierce still didn't notice anything wierd.

     When they were laying in Hayley's queen-sized bed, watching TV at eleven o'clock that night, Pierce finally noticed his sister's discomfort.

     "Are you okay?" He asked.

     "Yeah, sure. I'm fine. I just have this stupid itch, that just won't go... AWAY!" She said, as if she was going mad.

     Pierce gently took his sister's hand and put it beside them on the bed and gently took her leg and laid it across his own lap. He examined the red spot, where Hayley had been scratching all day.

     "Wow, Hayley. You scratched this up pretty badly. I think you would've gotten all the way to the bone if I wouldn't have noticed you scratching it!" Pierce exclaimed. "Maybe tomorrow we can go to the doctor to have it checked out, okay?"

     "Okay, Pierce." Replied Hayley.

     They fell asleep watching TV in Hayley's bed, under her pink Hello Kitty comforter. Little did they know, but they weren't alone in the house. They had never been alone when they were home. Never.

The End

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