Oh, not another rough and wild and dirty western ordeal!Mature

It was rumored that an old and ugly widow lived out in the woods near the base Carson Range, Nevada. Some went as far as to name her a witch who cooked up naughty boys and girls. But rumors are rumors, and urban legends are as entertaining as they are false. So they say.

Dawn was approaching. The valley was awash in a gentle golden hue as the sun began to warm the dew off of the wild grass. Birds chirped faintly as it was still too early for the majority of them to be awake. A doe and her fawn delicately grazed at the wild grasses and the sun began its primordial ascent into the sky. Two men shared in this regal beauty, this fantastic array of God’s cosmic design, and drank it all in as they relieved themselves into a bush.

“Nothing like a good piss to start off the day, ehhh Phillip?” said one of the men. Phillip, whose eyes were still slightly closed turned his head towards his companion and uttered, “I could go for a shit right about now.” The two of them finished their business and returned to the small camp they had erected the night previously. They were both master trappers, and they roamed the Nevada wilderness hunting for furs and then trading them for money. It was a good occupation, hard and grueling, but such was the life of a trapper. Phillip went to his pack and sifted through the contents until he pulled out what he was searching for. He had trapped and skinned three muskrats, five minks, and several rabbits and other small game. He was well pleased with his fortune so far in the year.

“Bet you’re jealous, Les.” Les stood about half a head shorter than Phillip, who was overly large for a man anyway. Less was stockier and had a more solid frame. He scratched his scraggly dark auburn  beard and said, “Not really. The season is still young. And besides, half of what you caught I helped you with so don’t even pull that bull shit with me today.” Phillip’s eyes widened and a hand went to his heart in a most exaggerated fashion.

“Why Les!” he proclaimed with mock offense “Never would I dare insinuate that I was the better trapper!” Les rolled with eyes with annoyance. Phillip had this irritating tendency to make a joke out of everything, absolutely everything. Les said nothing in retort.   

The two men saddled their horses and rode off into the glistening dawn. For several weeks they prowled through the Nevada wilderness, contemplated politics, and even went as far as to suggest stopping in Birch Water for a spell; they had needs that only women could satisfy.

“I love Bridgette. I might even ask her to marry me one day.” Announced Phillip gaily as he trotted on his drapple gay mount, Winnie.

“Bridgette? Is that the blonde one with the big tits and purple nipples? Inquired Les.

“No no no, you’re thinking of Anastasia, my good man. Bridgette is tall and thin with green eyes and long curly black hair.”

“You mean Bitchette? Why her? She’s a good fuck but c’mon man have some dignity. She’s awful!”

“The lady’s name is Bridgette, thank you very much,” added Phillip with a fake sneer of contempt, “She is very sensitive and has no problem expressing her feelings.”

“Ha ha ha!” roared Les.  “Yeah, like that time she dumped a chamber pot over your unfortunate self as your lay dead drunk between that other whore’s, whose name escapes me, thighs.”

“Laura, I think that’s her name? Sophie? No, no, no haha, Maria. But what can I say, the lady was angry. I told her she was the only whore I would see. It’s not my fault I passed out drunk between another woman’s thighs. I can’t help that. I was abused, I tell you! Wrongfully accused!”

“Pssssshhhhh, what the hell ever, Philllllleeeeeee”. Taunted Les. Now it was Phillip’s turn to be annoyed.
“I thought we said we were never going to mention that “term of endearment” ever again?!” Phillip pulled his horse in front of Les’s, momentarily halting their progression.
“Really Phillllllleeeeeee? Get out of the damn way.”

“I agree with Les, Phillip. You should move out of the way.” A voice pierced through the wilderness sounding them. Les looked around but could not find where the disembodied voice came from.

“Who is there?” both men drew their guns into their hands and cocked them. Phillip moved his horse from around Les’s so that he covered his back. Laughter rippled through the blades of grass and a faint wisp of vanilla and spice fragranced the air and then dissipated.

“I’m warning you,” snarled Les, “Reveal yourself and we won’t shoot.”

“You would shoot and unarmed woman?” Suddenly, as if by magic, a woman rose out of the tall grass. Of a medium slender build, coppery red hair toppled over her shoulders and magnificent blue green eyes sparkled. Her mouth was painted a deep red and was set into a soft moue. A soft eyebrow was arched in an inviting manner. Her slim white hands held onto a bundle of wild flowers. Both Phillip and Les were spellbound.  Makala broke the silence. Her rich sing song voice floated in their air to their manly earbuds.
“Now which one is Les, and which one is Phillip?” Phillip, who was close to drooling at the sight of her heaving and overflowing breasts raised his right hand. “I, I,” he stammered, “I’m Phillip.” Les, having more time than poor Phillip to recover returned Makala’s bold look and said, “Leslie Carlisle Duncan, at your service.” He winked at her.

Makala smiled. “It’s so good to meet you, Phillip and, Leslie.” She clung onto Les’s name and smiled in satisfaction as he felt a slight tension in his pants.

Makala walked forward, swinging her broad hips. Her legs were clearly visible in the thin cotton gown she wore as were her breasts. Even the thatch of soft red hair covering her sex could be seen through the nearly transparent fabric. The outfit was held together in the center with Makala’s signature velvet red corset. The sleeves hung off her shoulders and her arms were quite bare except for a scattering of pleasant- looking freckles. Phillip gulped.

“You are probably wondering what I am doing here all alone.” Makala purred demurely. She walked to grab hold of the reigns of both of the men’s horses. “Well, aren’t you?”

Phillip and Les remained frozen in place. Les broke the ominous silence and said, “You’re all alone out here?” Makala looked at him and smiled a pure radiant smile.

“Unfortunately for you, Leslie Carlisle Duncan, I am not alone.” Makala made a whistling noise and out from the surrounding tall grasses four heavily armed and muscled bandits approached with weapons drawn. Makala, who was holding the reins with an unnaturally strong grip for a female, said “Get off your horses, drop your weapons, and hand over all of your gold, and maybe I’ll let you live.” Phillip roared angrily.

“You filthy lying cunt!” that was all Phillip managed to push out until he was knocked unconscious by the flat end of a tomahawk.  Les, with wide eyes, quickly dismounted, and began to divest himself of his gold.

“The furs too.” Said another voice behind him. Les knew that there were five people in total, the four armed men, the busty mostly naked woman, but he did not know who was behind him. He turned to face the voice that demanded his furs. A small Indian squaw stared at him with black eyes. He could have sworn he saw the eyes flicker quickly to white and then back to black, but then again his adrenaline was rushing. She was brandishing a nasty looking tomahawk.

“Ahhhh, She Who Laughs at Dawn, I thank you for your contribution.” Rang Makala. She Who Laughs bowed before running off into the surrounding grasses and then vanished.

After a short while, Makala and the bandits made off with all the gold and furs that Phillip and Les had. They left the unconscious Phillip and the spellbound Les tied to a tree with a knife not too terribly out of reach. It would be a struggle but they would manage to cut themselves free. The bandits also left their food and water rations, but everything else, including the horse, were taken.

“Uhhhhh,” moaned Phillip, “Bridgette, I’m so sorry.”

“Shut the fuck up you fucking dolt.” Mustered Les. His angered fumed with every passing minute that he was tied to that godforsaken tree. Bested by a woman! Bested by a mostly naked woman and an Injun!

“What, what happened?” Phillip quickly became aware of his surroundings when he tried to move but was held in place. Les angrily filled him in on what had transpired. The two men worked together to fish out the knife and then cut the rope that bound them. Picking up what was left of their belongings, the pair stormed off into the woods seeking shelter from the transcending nightfall.

They walked deep in to the forest. Remembering a childhood legend, Les knew that there was a small hunter’s shack near this part of the woods. He had found it one day, a long time ago, and he was sure he would be able to find it again. He had Phillip walk ahead, as Phillip could see very clearly in the dark. Les guided him from memory in order to find this hidden niche.

“Are you sure it’s still out here?” asked Phillip with a hint of frustration in his voice. His head ached horribly from the blow that was dealt to him earlier.

“Yes.” That was all Les would say. Suddenly, as if by miracle, Phillip saw a small light glowing in the darkness of the woods. He turned to Les and said, “Well, it looks like we might have company. Are you sure you want to keep going, after our misfortune today?” Les cocked his shot gun and whispered, “Yes.”

Both of the men walked towards  the light as it got bigger and bigger.  The tall trees thinned and a small cleared opened up for them. A tiny shack stood in the center and it front of it was a little well. Like the master trappers they were, they walked stealthily in complete silence. Les made a motion with his hands towards Phillip who instinctively knew what his companion was expressing. He rolled gently on the ground with a grace not commonly found in one so tall and muscular. He rose again with his back towards the shack and was positioned to the left of the door. Les prowled to the right side of the door and noticed that it was not even shut all the way. He sniffed the air like a wild cat, so acute were his senses. Vanilla spice, he thought. His ears leaned back as he strained to make out what he was hearing. Humming, someone was humming inside of the shack. He nudged his gun and opened the door a bit wider. He did it so silently that door made not a single noise.

Les leaned in to glass out the interior of the room. A woman was inside at the hearth, humming along as she made some kind of stew. Both his and Phillip’s mouth began to water at the delightful aroma. The woman turned around and everything in Phillip’s view turned red. It wasn’t just any woman, it was the woman, the bitch that stole his money, his horse, and not to mention Phillip’s furs. Les drew in a deep breath before kicking in the door. The heavy wooden door swung open as if it was made of paper. It banged into the wall of the shack so hard that a small porcelain pitcher sitting on a sideboard fell and cracked on the floor. Makala let out a bloodcurdling cry of surprise and fright. She turned around and held up her spoon in defense. Les strode in slowly, like a stalking lethal bobcat, and the sound of the broken pitcher crunched underneath his boots.

“Well, well, well, what have we here?” He said in a deep voice. He was stalky and wide, with powerful shoulders and a scraggly auburn beard. Phillip entered second behind Les, completely towering over everything in the little shack. His black hair and icy blue eyes were filled with malice even as his nostrils flared outward to express his mal intent.

Makala backed into the wall, holding her spoon out in front of her.

“Leave.” she said in a clear voice.”

Les laughed a deep rumbling laugh. “Leave?” he answered, “My friend and I aren’t leaving until we get back what is ours.” He pulled back the safety of his gun. Makala swallowed. Her fear was evident, or perhaps it was just an act. Celestials are only afraid of one thing, and definitely not these two inbred sons of bitches.  

Her body heaved in and out. “I don’t have any of your things here.” She said.

“WHAT?” yelled Les. Makala screamed and jumped back. Her spoon fell to the floor; she whimpered.

Les began to pace the room in slow strides. “Well then, ma’am, I suppose I’m gonna have to take what is mine out of your pretty little ass.” He threw down his gun and lunged towards Makala. “Nooooo!” she screamed. His eyes were bright with is rage as he threw her to the floor. Her head banged against the roughly hewn floor momentarily jarring her senses. She screamed and feebly tried to ward off her attacker. He slapped her across the face. Les straddled her and began to tear at her clothing. He ripped her blouse off with one strong tug and scratched her delicate breasts. Makala began to cry as her face stung from the blow and as her breasts were assaulted by Les. He bit them, hard. He sucked hard on her nipples she thought they would surely rip off. In the meanwhile, Phillip watched. He felt his cock harden as his companion beat the woman, slapping her repeatedly across the face and then chewing on her breasts. Makala’s breasts were covered in saliva, bruises, bite marks, and blood. Les even went as far as to bite down hard on her slim white neck, eliciting a cry of pure pain to radiate from her ruby red lips. Phillip’s hand went to his burgeoning cock. He dropped his gun and fumbled into his pants. He began to stroke himself, moaning and grunting at the debauchery he saw in front of him. His mouth began to drool and he stepped forward towards Makala. He removed his pants and knelt in front of her. Phillip roughly grabbed her head back with one hand. With the other he shoved his long rock hard penis into her mouth. She gagged, and struggled not to vomit at his sheer size.

“Ohhhhh, yeah, ooooh fucking yeah. Take that you filthy red headed cunt.” Phillip chanted over and over. Les slid off of Makala’s body and let Phillip take control. After a few minutes Phillip roared with is release as Makala spewed up his frothing semen. She rolled onto her side and violently coughed and hacked. Les took dominance again and grabbed Makala’s ankles. He positioned her so that she was on her knees and ripped the back of her skirt open. He held her around the middle and positioned her ass so that it pointed in the air. He grabbed the spoon that she dropped and mercilessly whipped at her tender skin. The blows hit harder and harder each time. Makala’s screamed in her agony and shame as the pain began to build to an incredible amount. At last the spoon broke upon her flesh that was now covered in black and purple marks.  Les growled and a smile lit upon his wicked face.
“I said I would take it out of your ass, bitch, not on.” And with that he thrust two fingers into her ass.
“AHHHHH!” Makala winced. His fingers thrust back and forth, back and forth, picking up in speed. He continued to hold her in a rock hard embrace. His penis was throbbing in his pants and in no time at all he pushed his cock into her resisting ass. Makala was crying so hard at the intrusion. Les pumped into her several times before unleashing his boiling juices deep into forbidden territory. He  slid out of her and she collapsed onto the ground, unconscious.  Sweat poured down his face from his exertions.

Phillip grabbed the unconscious Makala and dragged her to her feet. His semen still leaked at the corners of her mouth. He leaned forward and kissed her lips hard, and licked at his dripping cum, reveling in the way she swayed as she regained consciousness. He hoisted her over his shoulders and deposited her on the bed, where he quickly tied her down. He knelt  down and peeled open her nether lips. He licked at her dry flesh, and watched her body twitch in sweet agony as she tempted her love jewel with is tongue. No woman, whether in rape or in pleasure, could resist the gentle teasing of a tongue. Phillip sucked hard on her jewel, eliciting another scream to roll out of her throat. He bit down on her thighs until she bled. When his cock was nice and hard again he drove it into her, over and over, in furious bursts against the wall of her cervix. He buried himself deep inside of her and came. He toppled over her.

Les untied her hands from the bed posts. He pulled at her arms until she was reclining on her lap.

“Please, please, no more!” sobbed Makala as he thrust his cock into her throbbing vagina. He pulled her back so that her ass was in the air once more. Phillip took charge of the opportunity and dug his nails into her hips. He pushed his penis into her tight ass and began to match the rhythm that Les pumped into her body.

Makala’s head spun at the ecstasy she was feeling. The beautiful blue green sea that lived in her eyes sparkled. Her fiery red hair wisped about the two men, entangling them in a gentle flame.  There was no violence, and there was no pain. These mortal men were the ones who were being raped, not her; they could only understand her bliss through their own violent animal natures. When Les knocked Makala to the ground he had actually cradled and caressed her body. He slapped her gently to tease her, kissing and lapping at her delicate breasts. When Phillip thrust his penis into her mouth she welcomed it with a honeyed tongue. His manhood was so delicious; he tasted of leather and wilderness. When he came in her mouth her senses soared and felt her body strengthen with his release. She felt no pain when Les spanked her, only a slight burning sensation that sent shivers up her spine. Oh how she loved being punished by mortals! His manhood in her ass felt strong and dominate, not ripping and cruel. She luxuriated in the feeling of him pushing against her tender secret walls. When Phillip licked her, she swooned in pure delight. But the best part of all was when she was ridden by both men. With Les pistoning her in her palace of pleasure and with Phillip plundering her portal of Sodom, the two men unlocked a paradise within in body. The two penises rubbed her inner walls and in no time at all Makala underwent one of the most glorious orgasms she had ever known. Her vaginal walls contracted. Her anal walls spasmed. And in one delicious burst of passion all three erupted into a state of divine bliss. Makala lay nestled between the two men, who in their world recollection were still raping her. Makala smiled in contentment as she let the two men dream of rape, but in actuality they kissed and worshiped her breasts and body. 

Makala noticed a shadowy cloud of smoke in the corner. “Why hello, Saphara. Have you come to join?” she asked with a breathy sigh of satisfaction. When Saphara spoke her body became visible, the stars shining and her eyes pulsated.

“There is trouble amiss, Sister Celestial.” She said.

“What?” Makala immediately rose from her lovemaking. It was very comical to watch both Phillip and Les continue to rape and fuck a being that was no longer there.

“Are you going to leave them like that?” asked Saphara?

Makala looked back and laughed. “No, I suppose not.” And with a delicate flick of her wrist the two men fell in to a deep slumber. “What trouble, Saphara?”

Saphara’s eyes pulsated so rapidly they looked silver. “The Demon Nelagath has risen, and we have been summoned.” Makala took on a somber look and was then gone in a flash of light. Saphara motioned with her vaporous hand and caused a rip in the floor to grow. A vortex of orange swirling lightning bolts crackled beneath her feet. She leapt in, following after her fellow Celestial deep, deep into the folds of Time.

The End

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