The Relic

To Oliver, it just looked like a rectangular piece of stone. He was a scientist and even he couldn't see the importance in the object. He wasn't being narrow minded, it really did not look impressive. There seemed to be a faint red ring around it but that was all. Him and Sam prepared it to be beamed up to the ship and got the survivors of the falling rock incident into transport ships and sent them on their way.

 "Good work men, you can beam up with the relic"  Came the voice of the captain down Oliver's radio.

 The two men stepped onto the platform, and felt the tingling sensation that could only come from teleportation. The familiar blue flash of light blinded them both temporarily as they flew through space and into the Exoder. The room they arrived in was empty, the relic had been seperated from them, it really was important to the captain.

 Oliver decided to head to his quaters, he thought he had deserved it, when his radio buzzed into life again.

" Are you going to send the other workers back up? No ships have left the planet yet?"

The End

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