Fixing the beams

Sam pushed his way out of the bunker and headed towards the beams. Dust had been thrown up and he was coughing violently. He knew he could be crushed at any second, but if he didn't fix this, everyone on that planet would die. He reached the first beam and saw that it has been ripped apart, all of the electronics were exposed. Sabotage. Somone had done this, it seemed unfixable, sam just hoped the others weren't in such bad condition.

 The second and third beams were also unrepairable, at this point most of the base camp had been crushed, only a few bunkers were left. The fourth beam had barely been touched, the sabotager had obviously gotten worried and had rushed the last few beams. Sam reconnected the wires and replaced the panels.

 Within seconds the beams of gravity shot into the air and pulled the remaining pieces of the planet down safely. Sam walked slowly towards the bunker he had been in. The camp was covered in sticky blood, things had not gone well. Suddenly Olivers' voice filled the air.

" Sam, over here, we've got it,"

The End

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